Tiny Baby Quick Quilt FINISH

Baby and Mother are still hanging in there.

And the quilt is finished.

It is made with 2-1/2″ squares and is only 22″ each way. At that size it was easy to straight line quilt on my faithful old Pfaff 130 that came from my paternal grandmother.

I am working on the dress next and hope to have it to share soon.

ps–The planned name for Baby is Amelia Rose, just so you can keep her in mind.

9 thoughts on “Tiny Baby Quick Quilt FINISH

  1. Keeping Amelia Rose and her family in my prayers. The lord made this little human. He is the great physician.

  2. Amelia Rose is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Soon you will be able to wrap her in her sweet little quilt.

  3. Prayers for Amelia Rose and Mama – her tiny quilt will become her favorite “lovey” when she’s a toddler, that’s my prediction!

  4. What a pretty name, and a pretty quilt for her, too. Perhaps a rocky start, but may she grow up strong and healthy.

  5. Amelia Rose, such a beautiful name. The quilt will wrap her in love and she will hug it long after she starts walking. Prayers for all the best. xo

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