Two And Four Quiltalong: FINALE!

It is time to share your finished quilts, tops, or progress so far.

Mine is being quilted, but isn’t there yet. Maybe next week. Sometimes life gets in the way.

In the meantime, visit Katy and put your progress in her link-up (if you have a blog), or send her (or me) a picture and we’ll have them to share.

Thanks for joining us, however far you are. This has been fun and we hope to do another one (together or separately) sometime soon.

7 thoughts on “Two And Four Quiltalong: FINALE!

  1. Good morning! I am looking forward to seeing the parade. I only have a few sets that have been sewn together as there is still more to cut. It will be finished sometime! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Mine isn’t done but have a lot of pieces cut for quilt retreat next week.
    I’m making scrappy/assorted red and white Fours and the Twos blue and white.

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