Baby Has Arrived

Mother and baby are well.  It was an emergency delivery, but thanks to modern medicine and many prayers and good wishes, all are well today. 

Amelia Rose
Born 10/12/2021
At 1:48pm
Via emergency c-section
Weighing 3 pounds 9 ounces.

She’s currently in NICU due to her size. She needs to be 4 pounds to get out, but other than that she is perfect.

27 thoughts on “Baby Has Arrived

  1. Congratulations to all of you! She is a beautiful little girl. I am glad that every thing is going well. I am sure she will be home in no time.

  2. So glad the delivery went well, even if Amelia is under weight. I worked for two years as a maid, cleaning offices, patient rooms, the Neo-Natal nursery, regular nursery & the heart Lab @ a teaching hospital, sometimes filling in on the children’s ward The nurseries & children’s ward & transplant floor were my favorites All afforded me endless opportunities to pray, even to the point of tears for patients & families. I always knew if a child was missing, either gone home, or transferred to reg nursery or a transplant patient didn’t make it. The nurses kept me informed so I could pray specifically for the family when one of those precious babies didn’t bounce back, or a transplant failed.
    The transplants I would know as I walked into their room. We always chatted as I cleaned their room & their bathrooms

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