Final Countdown: Task Three

How to wrap up the year? With the Final Countdown, of course.

Task Three is to Organize One Area Of Your Sewing Space.

Well, that means it is time to stop procrastinating that task.

I have for a long time had color-sorted bins for small scraps. And those bins are on a shelf.

But those bins look something like this.

It was time to give them a sort and fold.

It turns out that fabric neatly organized takes less space than fabric wadded up. I am not ready to do the other seven bins right now, but I will as time allows. My goal is to do one every couple of weeks. That is probably realistic.

Thanks again, Shelly, for a great end to the year. Happy 2022!

3 thoughts on “Final Countdown: Task Three

  1. Since we moved here in May, I left most of my scraps behind. So far, as I finish a project, I take care of the leftovers. If they are big enough, they go where the fat quarters are by color. The smaller pieces get cut into whatever size square I can get and the in between pieces I have separated by color and in gallon bags and are all stored in a box. Hopefully I can keep it this way.

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