2021 Spool Count

For several years I have kept and counted my empty spools at the end of the year. Silly? Maybe, but the art teacher enjoys them, and I enjoy the counting.

The total for 2021 is 23, again. How have I done that three times?

Here are past years for comparison:

2020: 48

2019: 23

2018: 23

2017: 36

2016: 40

2015: 103 (the year of partial spools and the 52 in 2015 project)

6 thoughts on “2021 Spool Count

  1. I too count empty spools. I had 21 this year. I string mine on a strip of selvedge and it hangs around my sewing room. Looking at it makes me smile, and since I have saved spools since 2012, I have gotten lots of smiles from it.

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