Leftovers: First Quilt Top of the New Year

When THIS QUILT was sized down I was left with 32 extra 16-patch blocks. What to do with them?

There are plenty of 2″ squares at my place, so I made an additional eight blocks. Then, 40 4-patches with 2″ background all around.

Well, that was a quick top. Only 48″x60″, but a nice lap quilt size. And, no leftovers.

7 thoughts on “Leftovers: First Quilt Top of the New Year

  1. What a great little quilt. Thanks for the inspiration to use up my box of blocks. I love how you incorporated the 16 patch with the 4 patch.

  2. You continue to amaze me with the amount and diversity of scrap quilts you make.
    Just wondering how much fabric required for the white in this project?

  3. Don’t forget our Veterans! They need 36″ x 36″ wheelchair size quilts. Anything larger gets caught up in the wheels. Find a Vet’s organization near you! Nancy in AZ

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