Second Chances Quilt: Odd Blocks To Visual Treat

I was excited to have a package of blocks and some extra fabric come my way. The tulip blocks were intriguing. However, there weren’t very many of them and the seam allowance wasn’t quite standard, making them an odd size. But, much too nice to throw away.

First I tried a variety of possible layouts, just seeing what might happen.

It needed a few more blocks.

And sashing.

What next? Sometimes with something like this you just need to experiment. The centers of the tulips were created with 2-1/2″ squares, so I started playing around with ideas to keep the blocks on point and make the quilt larger at the same time.

The math took some thinking, and an inner border was needed, but I added large “setting triangles” made of 2-1/2″ squares.

Then a binding that matched the inner border (which, in its turn, matched the center of the tulips). It seems to bring unity and help the quilt feel truly finished: 40″ square. A visual treat as a wall hanging, a table topper or a lap or baby quilt.

I enjoyed the challenge and surprise of discovery as I worked on this project. I hope you enjoy it, too. Maybe take a look at an abandoned project of your own…Could it be finished by giving it a Second Chance?

NOTE: This post also featured in the Online Quilt Magazine.

18 thoughts on “Second Chances Quilt: Odd Blocks To Visual Treat

  1. It really looks so beautiful. The setting of the blocks turned out to be the perfect one. Great job!

  2. You are so very clever!!! What a beautiful quilt! I wish I had your gift of creativity and being able to “see” the end product. Well done!!

  3. What a wonderful finish! The tulip blocks alone were so cute – I’m glad you were able to save them. But you took them over the top and made this into a useful size. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. This one is the best save yet. You came up with a perfect solution. pj/Quilting Time in Dixie

  5. To be able to see the potential in these little colorful tulips is a gift. Your treatment of these is truly stellar. It’s a pretty bouquet of springtime. Those setting triangles are wonderful. And the entire piece looks intentional and cohesive. Thank you for posting and saving these buds. You are a “master gardener”.

  6. That is beautiful! Such lovely colors you selected. Great pattern you created to use the blocks!

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