I Love Me A Bargain

Saturday, Husband and I went to a few yard sales in the area. It was my bargain finding day.

TWO queen size batts at $2 each.

A total of about 20 yards of quilting fabric (including two larger pieces suitable for backings) for a total of $9.

Yep, I love me a bargain.

ps–I feel a little guilty because Husband found no good bargains, unless you count that he got to take me (and my bargains) home at the end of it all.

9 thoughts on “I Love Me A Bargain

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the finds. I think I even recognize that bottom fabric as a Thimbleberries, I could be wrong but, is sure likes like one from the “Sugar House” collection. If I’m correct, I’ll have to tell my own husband he’s right… I really could recognize one from 100 miles away! lol

  2. Sounds like your hubby had the best bargain of all! You certainly found some great stuff.

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