One More Scrappy One

I think this will be it for a while.

This quilt has a number of blocks stitched by children who are just learning to sew. Some of the seam allowances and perhaps some of the color choices are not quite standard, but they are made with the skill and love the children have to offer.

And it is finished and ready for donation.

And that is a very good thing.

8 thoughts on “One More Scrappy One

  1. What a wonderful way for the children to learn how to give to others and to have a new skill! When my boys were in daycare, they learned how to do handcrafts. My oldest son loved it and we have many things that he made – christmas ornaments, eyeglass cases, etc. Even he is amazed at all the things that he made then. It is a gift that keeps on giving!! I love the way that kids are encouraged and it gives them a positive outlet!! Way to go!!

  2. It can really be hard to slow down and be patient when teaching kids to sew. But, we know it’s so worth the effort – for them, and for us. Whoever receives it can’t help but feel the love stitched into it. ♥

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