A Visit To The Way-Back Machine

Over Thanksgiving we visited my parents in rural Colorado. Their house is full of quilts they have very kindly accepted over the course of my quilting career. I thought to share a few from the way-back machine.

This one is very early. Not labeled, but it has to be one of the first few I made, probably about 1999 (First quilt was 1998). Throw size. Tied. Rough binding. But, my mother loves it. She says it is her favorite of all I have ever given them.

This one is a little later. Sometime between 2000-2002. A friend did the handquilting, which I love. I had fun with the pillow shams. It was on one of the upstairs guest beds.

This is the original Calico Rose Quilt, which I did as a quiltalong in 2015. It is holding up well to use and was on the bed we usually sleep in when we visit.

One of the funniest things about my mother is that she only leaves quilts on the beds if she deems the guests capable of caring for and respecting the quilts. Otherwise they are put away and replaced with comforters or bedspreads. I am glad to see one on the bed I sleep in when I arrive. Hopefully next trip there will be different quilts in rotation and I’ll share them then.

3 thoughts on “A Visit To The Way-Back Machine

  1. I love that your mother is such a fan of you and your quilty gifts! I need to get my Calico Rose quilted, or fix my machine so I can quilt it!

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