Baby, That’s A Lot Of Pieces

A teacher friend is expecting a baby in early January. After seeing pictures of the crib and sheets, I settled on blue, orange and grey.

The pattern was a dilemma, until I was thumbing through my pattern inspiration pile: PERFECT!

Well, perfect…if sized down, in different colors, and with a border.

It wasn’t until I started cutting that I realized the top would have around 300 pieces…Too late to turn back now!

But now it is complete. And she says it is perfect. YAY!

7 thoughts on “Baby, That’s A Lot Of Pieces

  1. Well done! I like your choice of colors – a lot more interesting than the monochromatic version. Are your stars 8″?

  2. At least they weren’t tiny one inch squares. =) This is a beautiful interpretation of your pattern inspiration picture. I really like it, because it’s different, and no one else will have one like it. =)

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