23 thoughts on “Top Ready For Quilting

  1. The top is beautiful! What a great use of scraps – maybe we need a new name for scraps when they can be turned into such beautiful tops – scraps just doesn’t seem right!

  2. It’s so fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing that you were making this. I have already put that tutorial to good use. It’s fun. I’m contemplating a second one. Yours is just fantastic!

  3. Deanna, this quilt is amazing and wonderful.
    I had a charm pack of Kate Spain? fabrics, years ago, and made a similar quilt top but it used up the charm pack quickly and the quilt was not that big, so I put it in a pile to ponder.
    I have accumulated a lot in my ponder pile.
    Happy March to you

    1. The background is an assortment of scraps of backgrounds and low volume prints. There is muslin, but there is also a wide variety of other things. It started as a way to do something about that overflowing bin…

  4. what a sweet cherry colorful quilt. Thanks for sharing another great idea for using scraps.

  5. I like it! That is a perfect eye-spy quilt for a kid or just an all around cheerful gift for anyone.

  6. /this is delightful! inspiring too, for this quilter with way too many scraps from many years of quilting

  7. I LOVE this quilt! Does it have a pattern? I have lots of white scraps. I have lots of HST. I might be able to use some of them up if I did this as a leader/ender.

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