Digging out a Faire UFO

I don’t have a lot of UFOs. In fact, I have two.

This is one of them. I started it more than a year ago–designing blocks and playing with color.

Then…it went in the box. And under the table.

Why? I am not sure. I dug it out and am ready to go. I think part of the reason is that there are 8 different block styles and each has separate cutting directions. So, I am going to try working on one block type at a time, making as many as I think I will need of that one, and then moving on.

I call it Faire and Square. Hopefully it will soon be fair-ly finished.

Sudden Attack Of Cute

The cleanout of last week brought so many potential projects out of hiding, but this one rose above the others.

A few small panels, 10 in all. Not necessarily my style, but, in what I can only describe as a sudden attack of cute, I HAD to make something with them.

It turns out that it will be TWO somethings. Watch here for updates, soon!

Ugly Little Secrets We Hide From Ourselves

It is well known that I get excited about scraps and possibilities and the leftovers other people share with me. I even have a specific place in my sewing room for such things. But, the space had overflowed and included a few (maybe 5 or 6) grocery bags on the floor.

So I spread them all out. Whoops!

The “ugly little secret” wasn’t so little.

After a complete sort and evaluate, and a solid conversation or two with myself, it is now separated into categories and ready to roll. Categories: 1. Someone else will love more. 2. Not really a separate project and reabsorb into stash. 3. Special fabrics that are the start of a quilt and need friends. 4. Fabrics that play well together and are nearly ready to be a quilt. 5. Most of a quilt kit (typically baby quilts for gifting or donation). 6. Second Chance Quilt projects (15 of these–YAY!).

In fact, I picked my next Second Chance Quilt and hope to have some time with it today. Hmmm…what do these 4 lovely 18″ blocks want to become? We shall see…

I am so happy for this moment (a few hours, actually) of honesty. I feel refreshed and more excited than ever to get going on some of these projects.