Links to all posts for the Calico Rose Quiltalong will be here, at least until the quiltalong is finished.  Then it will become a link to the final tutorial and a gallery of finished quilts.

March 10:  Fabric and First Cuts

April 10:  Star Block Centers

May 10 (really the 9th):  Star Blocks

June 10 (really the 9th):  Alternating Blocks

July 10:  Top Assembly and Borders

August 10:  Show and Tell Time (Phase 1)

 Show and Tell Time Phase 2

PS–Thank you, Susan, for the button!  I have never had one of my own. ddt.


  1. Just found this quilt along. I love stars and patches. It looks like a quilt I will finish. Uncomplicated, yet beautiful. I look forward to joining even though late by one month.

  2. I would like to ask you what to do if I’d like to have the Calico Rose button on my sidebar. Thank you!

  3. I figured out the star pattern, just completed 25 blocks, aND half of the other blocks, most of the 2 inch square were already cut for another quilt, but when I saw the Calico Rose, the squares took another direction. Thank you!

  4. AMEN on the hard part of waiting. But, oh, such glorious anticipation. I’m sneak-peeping today, thinking, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE!

  5. Hi a friend sent me this link, she knows I have a fair bit of tiny scraps and wanted a project to use them in. I really believe this is the one! yesterday I cut many little squares and to day I sewed the Star centers.and the 4patch units..I know I am coming in late ….better late than never- right!!! Do you think it would it look okay with black as the background colour? …I have some black to use up as well

    1. Welcome! I am glad you are joining us. You must be a very quick cutter to be so far along already. Black could be a very effective background and will probably give a somewhat modern or Amish look depending on what it is paired with. It will certainly be a striking quilt. You might try one star block and one alternating block with the black and you will know for sure before you go any farther. If you like it, great! If not, you will have a lovely two sided pillow…. 🙂

    2. Hi, my 6th Calico Star Quilt finally finished and delivered! Thank you again for a wonderful pattern and quilt along. I’d love to share a picture of it but I can not figure out how to?

  6. I am going to do this quilt, to bad i am 3 years late. Lol. I have lots of scraps and will do a white border. I have a obsession with the little squares! Just finished one that used all 1-1/2″ squares. I wanted to give up sooo many x but didn’t and i just love the finished throw. This will be alot easier to me. Thanks

    1. if is 2015 when calico rose I made the blocks but never put them together. so here 2020
      I will try to put it together. Thanks for having a count down to get UFO done.

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