Quilt Restoration

This might be out of my league, but I was asked to do it by a long-time neighbor and friend of my parents.


Her mother made her this quilt when she was a young child.  It is much loved and is full of memories…


Each block and each bird have their own personality.


I am tentatively starting to work on it, making repairs one block and a time and hoping for a grand revelation on a finish.  It is mostly not-quilted and there is no batting…

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Encouragements?

A Sleuth Of Bears

What do you call a group of bears?  A SLEUTH!!  What a fantastic word.

And what a great description for this finally-finished project that started with Sparkle Jane, but eventually involved all of us.


A high school friend of Sparkle Jane was involved in a service project making charity bears.  There were leftovers and Sparkle said she could make some bears.  There was A LOT of leftovers.  In typical Sparkle style, she cut until she couldn’t cut any more.

DSC01954 (1)


And then it was time to stitch.  Each bear, of course, needed to be unique.

Then she got tired and set it aside, but this year she was determined to finish.  ALL OF THEM.


She finished all the faces.  I helped with eyes.  Then it was time for everyone to help with stuffing and stitching.


And they are finally finished.  YAY!  Soon to be donated to worthy causes.  Whew!


A local headstart preschool posted a listing on JustServe.org that they needed capes sewn for the two-year olds.

Capes for two-year-olds?  Count me in.


Using the donated fabric (nice, high quality stuff, by the way) I created 32 capes, mostly based on THIS TUTORIAL.


I LOVE my new serger.  It made this so easy.


I can see all the children running around looking like super-heroes (or butterflies, which is what I REALLY think they will look like).

It feels good to serve.

Making Masks

Like many of you, some of my sewing time in April has gone to making masks.  There are many large and important charitable projects going on, but for me, for now, I am making them for friends and family.  I want to serve right where I am.

This batch is for Second Son, his wife and their four children.


So far, 55 masks have been make and delivered.  I package them in a sandwich baggie along with three disposable filters (paper towels cut to size).


And they are getting worn. (Husband of one of my fellow teachers)


It feels right when I have the materials, time and skill to help where I can.

National Quilting Day 2020

Quilting is both a social and a solitary hobby.  I am mostly a solitary quilter who socializes primarily through this blog.

But, for those of you who socialize more in person, while stores and guilds and shows and stitching groups might be closed, the sewing machine is definitely open.  And this is a great day to celebrate the obsession hobby we share.

I hope to have a few hours of piecing time today in between cleaning and serving others in my home and neighborhood.

Soon I will share what is accomplished.  I have been working on a leader-ender in the background that is now the primary project.  A wedding quilt for a friend.  And a mini-tutorial.

Ready!  Set!  GO!

Donation Quilt Finished

My annual Children’s Hospital donation quilt is complete.


THIS TUTORIAL was a good starting point.  I added more to make it a nice throw size.












This was, I think, my third attempt at freemotion quilting.  Some parts of it are better than others, but one must start somewhere.


The front and the back go together well and the back gave inspiration for the quilting motifs.


It will be part of the Festival of Trees fundraiser during the holidays.

Day of Service

Thursday was our Day of Service at school.  Each spring, the entire middle school spends a day serving various groups and people in our community. Eight groups were out of the school, and two groups stayed inside to do good works that will be delivered later.


This year, I lead the Hospital Buddy Dolls group (inside the school).


Eleven young people and a few parents and I worked to create simple dolls that are used as comfort and education for children facing surgery or other scary procedures.


During the course of a day we were able to create 52 dolls, complete with gowns.


We were tired, but successful.


And people wonder why I love my job.

Friend Quilt Finish

When my friend brought me a bag of pieces she called “scraps,” she was done with this quilt. She was convinced it was ugly and never wanted to see it again.


But, after it was assembled and quilted, I didn’t agree. And I didn’t think she would still feel the same way.

So, I took it “home”–back to her house.


She was stunned.

We’ve all been there–tired, discouraged and unhappy because the quilt doesn’t look like we imagined. Sometimes, though, after some time away from it, we can get perspective and see that, while it isn’t what we imagined, it isn’t bad.


I hope this quilt will bring her happiness, once she gets used to the idea that she really made a perfectly good quilt.

Festival Quilt Finish

This is my major charitable quilt for the year. It is based on donated fabric from Riley Blake and a modified pattern and will go to the annual Festival of Trees in December.


I like the pieced binding and the back.


I don’t have to love a quilt to know that someone will love it.


It will warm the heart and body of a child, surely.


Festival Top Finished

My quilt for the Festival of Trees is now a finished top.


It is a challenge to work with fabric that you might not have chosen given a choice, but, hopefully, this works well enough.


It is based on the Layer Cake Coin Quilt from shequiltsalot.com


With school starting, it will be a while before I can get it quilted, but it isn’t due until November, so I should be fine.