Some Sparkle Jane

Long-time followers are familiar with my daughter, known as Sparkle Jane.  She is now 17 and a senior in high school.  It wasn’t that long ago…they grow up fast.

With all the demands of life she doesn’t quilt as regularly as in the past, but she does do some.


This top is a recent finish…

Hopefully to be quilted soon.

ps–The pattern is my design, inspired by THIS pattern.  But we resized it and measured so it isn’t paper pieced.  I know some people love paper piecing.  And I am very happy for them. And if you are one of those people you will enjoy Big Top.


A Sparkle Jane Quilt

My amazing daughter, Sparkle Jane, is 17 and a senior in high school.  She still quilts, but hasn’t maintained her blog for a long time because of the rest of her schedule.  We all understand that there are times and seasons in life.


Quilting, though, has not gone by the wayside.DSC00685

Here is her most recent finish, for one of her teachers and his wife on the advent of their baby daughter.


It isn’t a pattern, just her take on the best use of the scrap pile she was considering. It finishes at about 40″ wide and is my second practice try at longarm quilting.  My part is far from perfect, but I think the quilt is Darling!

That Is A Lot Of Quilts

We took the quilts of the 52 in 2015 project to my school to try to get some pictures of all of them.  Following is the best we could do.

It is a lot of quilts!

They should be delivered in the next few weeks.  I’ll post pictures then if it is photo worthy.


Thanks to all for your support.  Some of you will recognize fabric you contributed. All shared encouraging words and prayers and kindness.  It has been a terrific experience and a great way to give thanks for the life of that remarkable young woman known as Sparkle Jane.

This Is It

The final two quilts for the 52 in 2015 project!

#54 Avast!


Designed and pieced by me.  Quilted by Jean, a lovely woman who volunteered to help.  Bound by me.  DONE!

#55 Dual


Also, designed and pieced by me.  Quilted by Jean, who surely had other things to do this holiday season.  Bound by me.  DONE!

So, that’s it.  We plan to take a few pictures of all of them together and then deliver them to the hospital.

It is odd to be done, but, after all, all things come to an end, and there is another project coming…


PS–If you could choose one of the above designs to be a baby quiltalong, which would it be?

PPS–And, better names for the designs.  I think I am a little tired…

The Finish Line (And A Little More)

Here are quilts #52 and #53.  Yes, Sparkle Jane and I have (with a lot of help along the way) met our 2015 goal of completing 52 baby quilts for donation or gifting.


#52 was pieced by me, basted by Sparkle Jane, quilted by me, bound by her.  We’ll call it a group effort!


#53 has a story.  Just a few days ago one of my readers, Cate, asked about the Fairy Quilt.  I had put it away, wanting to focus on other things, and not sure what to do with it next.  But, I went to get it out because I do want to finish it and it is on my 2016 list.  What did I find folded up with it?  THIS quilt!  Some of you will recognize it as a Quarter Turn quilt.  Pieced with a backing prepared. Why?  I have no idea.  I am certain it make sense at the time.  Nothing to do but finish it.  So, that gives us a little more than our original goal.

Because some of the gifted quilt tops (from Nicole, Susan and Margaret) were not considered in the original calculations, there are two more quilts out there to be finished that will hopefully make it to the finish line this year also.  They are pieced and ready for quilting. Either way, it is good and they will be welcome somewhere when they are ready.

Big Block (And The Oldest UFO)

Sparkle Jane stitched down the binding on Big Block last night.  This, along with Small Block, make a twin set.  They are both improv pieced using strips of random width in a log cabin arrangement.  They turned out so sweet. I am certain they will find the right babies.


This morning early I finished the oldest of the baby quilts.


At Thanksgiving my aunt gave me a bag with a partial project she started back in the 80’s.  Using all the fabric available, I finished it to this small (33″ square) quilt that will surely also find a baby to warm.  It is sort of in my mind already.  A young mother sorts through the quilts and says, “Oh THIS one is so much like the one Grandma Smith made me when I was a baby. And since this baby is named after her, this quilt will be PERFECT.”

Now, that makes 50 and 51.  Nearly there!

Small Block

The name “Small Block” might not make much sense now, but Sparkle Jane is stitching away on its near-twin, known as “Big Block” as we speak.  It may be finished today also.


This is another for the project, number 49, in fact. We are nearing a finish.

Meals are getting sketchy.  The men are having to be very patient with their womenfolk.  My husband is usually glad I am a determined, focused woman, but he will be relieved (as will we all, I think) when this is done.  But, it has been FUN!