Irish Stars COMPLETE

8723 pieces later, we have a quilt. It only took 25 months.


It is an odd feeling.  Not quite like having a baby, or like having that baby leave home, but something like it.  I have lived with and worked on this quilt nearly daily for over two years.  And now…

The quilting itself was a major quandry–I tried for weeks to come up with a custom quilting alternative that I could do with my current skill level, and couldn’t.  I considered sending it out, but that is money not convenient right now, and it didn’t feel quite right giving it away at the end.  I could have just put away the top and waited for a few years for my quilting skills to improve.  Handquilting would have been very hard because of the abundance of seam allowances.  What was left was an allover quilting pattern I could confidently and competently finish.


So, that is what I did. As is perhaps true of all quilts, it isn’t perfect.  But, I do like it and am glad to have it complete at last.


People keep asking, “What are you going to do with it?”  Right now, I am just going to enjoy it.

Irish Stars Top Complete

On Wednesday…

I did not work in the garden.

I did not vacuum.

I did not do the dishes.

I did not do laundry.

I did not read a book.

I did none of these things.


What I DID do was assemble the Irish Stars Quilt top.


When there are 323 blocks constructed primarily of 1-1/2″ squares, it is slow going.


Seemingly tiny mistakes matter, and have to be picked out and done again.


But, in the end, it is worth it!

Seeing Stars Finish: Three Of Three And Final Quilt For The Year

My binding fingers are a little sore, but the quilts are all done.  That is about 1066 inches of binding stitched down over four days.


This is my version of the Seeing Stars Quiltalong hosted by Melissa.


I love the colors and the happy nature of it.  The quilting turned out well.  And the binding makes it shine. I tried to make a nearly-reversible pieced back.  Not quite perfect, but I do like the idea.


This fabric had waited WAY too long to be a quilt.  Maybe that is why it seems so happy;  it finally has a purpose.

Christmas Quilt Finished: One Down. Two To Go.

This quilt is the result of the Have A Jolly Little Christmas Quiltalong hosted by Sew Fresh Quilts a year ago.  All her patterns are wonderful and easier to build than you might think.


I did add a few different blocks and created my own layout. It is 78″ square. Don’t you love the look of a scrappy border?


And finally got it quilted.


And bound.


And finished…two more to go before January 1.  Got to get stitching!


Seeing Stars: Finished Top

Whew!  I really wanted to get this one pieced and off the design floor.  Husband was really tired of stepping around it.

Hopefully I will get the back finished (secret piecing project) by the end of the week and move it towards a complete finish soon.

Thanks, Melissa, for such a dynamic design.

Seeing Stars: Modified Blocks

I caught up on the “curvy” blocks by not doing them curvy.


See, I knew that there was little chance I could complete 28 applique blocks and there needed to be some connection in the quilt.


So, (ta-dah!) I have started on these little blocks that mirror the center of the modified curvy blocks.

Good choice?

Thanks to Melissa for the Seeing Stars Quiltalong.  Even though I have changed a few things, I have found it most inspiring.

Seeing Stars: (Non)Improv Blocks And Basic Blocks

Still playing catch up. 20180915_203203

I wasn’t feeling very “improv” myself, I guess, but the Improv Blocks came out as Basic Blocks.  Maybe I should have varied the centers somehow?   But, at least they are done.


And the Basic Blocks, too.

Nearly caught up and looking forward to next week’s final release of the Seeing Stars Quiltalong.