Only One Partridge, Just Like The Song

The Jolly Little Christmas quiltalong is coming along nicely–but I must admit that I am glad there is only one partridge in this pear tree.  The smallest piece cuts at 3/4″ x 3/4″.  I like small pieces as much as the next person, but that is really small.


It does make a perfect eye, though.  And my partridge is in that tree. And I am feeling quite successful.  And the alternate blocks are finished–all 13 of them.

Spring Break has afforded a lot more sewing time, and it has been put to good use.  Back to school on Monday…but that is days from now….


Poinsettia Block

I continue to enjoy the Have A Jolly Little Christmas Quilt Along.

Sew Fresh Quilts

My latest effort is the Poinsettia Block.  I modified it a little, changing the large, green corner squares to smaller ones and adding gold.  The long term plan is to use this as an alternating block in the quilt.


I plan to make it a 5×5 with 13 of these blocks and 12 of the other pieced blocks.  We’ll see if I make it that far, but I think I probably will because I am having so much fun!


Circa 2016

This is perhaps the happiest quilt I have ever created.  Thanks to the fine folks at Temecula Quilt Company for hosting this quiltalong.  (You can still get the pattern for a very reasonable price).


The pace was challenging, 2-3 blocks a week, but they are so tiny and charming that it never felt like a chore.  Friday morning quickly became a favorite part of the week when I would get the new blocks and know I had a fun, small project for the weekend.

Scraps, of course.  Lots of small, bright and cheery scraps.


And together they became a bright and cheery throw–about 50″ x 57″.


The top will head off to the quilters soon, and I’ll share the finish when it is ready.


More On That Graduation Quilt

Yesterday I shared pictures of Young Son’s high school graduation quilt.  So many of you sent kind comments and questions that I felt to share more information.


The pattern came from Joanne, a Canadian quilter who runs the Thread Head blog.  She graciously hosted one of the best quiltalongs EVER and still has the complete patterns and instructions available HERE.

NOTE:  This is a BIG quilt.  Her version finishes at 97″ square and mine is only slightly smaller.

The pieced border is nine-patches based on 1-1/2″ squares.  They finish at a charming 3″.

If you are interested, visit ThreadHead and look around.  You will be pleased at what you see and feel inspired to get sewing!


How Did You Celebrate?

Today, March 19, is Worldwide Quilting Day.  I hope you were able to celebrate in a very quilty way.

The weather was lovely and I had errands and chores, but on a beautiful spring day, who minds that?

While running errands I went to pick up some scraps that I had been offered.  Jackpot!  I didn’t want all the fabric in the two large bags and one box, but there was some that just suited me.


Part of it was a pile of 30’s reproduction fabrics.  How perfect!  I was wanting to join in the Splendid Sampler series, but hadn’t felt inspired on fabric selection.  This is just what I needed.  So, part of my celebration today was starting a new project.  I plan to make two of each block that interests me.  I do not feel compelled to make all of the blocks, but by making two of the ones I do like, I am sure to end up with enough blocks for a fair sized quilt at the end.  It will be fun to find out.


About 2 weeks ago I started a baby quilt for a fellow teacher and his wife.  Crayons!  All six crayons are created now and I am assembling the top.  That is worth celebrating! (No pattern, but there are similar ideas out there–just do a search for “crayon quilt.”)


Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week because that is when the new blocks for Circa 2016 are released by Temecula Quilt Company.  Had to work on those, too.


And, finally, a new leader-ender quilt since I have finished all my Hundred Patch blocks.  I call it Sweet Sixteen.  I don’t know how large this one will be either.  Probably until I am tired of it.  It is based on 2-inch squares and would require 125 blocks for a queen size finished.

So, I have celebrated in style!  Thanks for sharing in the joy of quilting with me.


Bits And Pieces

You haven’t heard from me because there isn’t much to show.

I am still piecing along on THAT Hundred Patch quilt.  I started a year ago in February.  This pile is 25 10×10 centers with borders.  Let’s see:  25 x 100 = 2500 (centers) , plus 25 x 4 = 100 (white borders), plus 52 x 25 = 1300 (outer pieced border).  The centers of the other 11 blocks are also finished so that adds 11 x 100 = 1100.  GRAND TOTAL: 5000.  So far.


Hopefully this will be a finished top by late spring or early summer.

Next up is my participation in the current Temecula Quilt Company Quiltalong, Circa 2016.  Such wonderful squares of tiny-ness.  Each finishes at 2-1/4″.


This week’s step is to create a medallion center out of these little blocks.  This is only step 4.  If you like tiny, or just want to give it a try, come quilt along.

Finally, an actual finish (Ta-dah!).  This soft book came already cut out in a hand-me-down pile. Now it is complete and ready for gifting.  It is in the present drawer awaiting a suitable season and recipient.


So, that’s all folks!  Hopefully soon there will be more to see.  And a tutorial. And…


The Calico Rose Quiltalong was a success beyond my wildest dreams.  How do I know?  Because all of you keep telling me so by sharing your pictures of finished work and works in progress.  They are all so beautiful it makes me want to start another one!

Here is some inspiration…

Karlai has a beautiful color scheme and wonderful quilting, too.

20151031_214545 20151031_214410 20151031_214508

Charlene shared her top.  She had such a good time that she has convinced two friends to give it a try.  They are cutting and collecting 2″ squares.  YES!  Spread the quilting obsession…

stars 001

Julie worked her way to a beautiful finish and used some leftover squares to make matching pillow cases.  What a clever idea!  Around here I sometimes say there is no leftover fabric, just fabric that hasn’t been used yet!


Emma has a finished top (currently seen doubling as window covering).  I like the pops of orange.


Veronica did the large (7×7) size and says it fits her queen size bed perfectly.


Thanks to all for sharing their lovely work.  If you have a quilt or an update, send it along!