Star Kissed Quiltalong: A First Finished Top

If you are new to the Star Kissed Quiltalong, Welcome!  You are right on time.  You can get all previous posts and information by clicking the Quiltalong Button to the right (Thank you, Susan) or by going HERE.


In the meantime, I have finished a Star Kissed flimsy.


This is the original idea, based on 1-1/4″ squares.  But remember, you do not need to do that size.  There is also 1-1/2″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ to choose from.


I like the super scrappy look, both in the colors and the backgrounds.  I even made each star point a different fabric.  You do not have to do that.


Anyway, the next set of directions, turning your 25-patches into square-in-a-square, should be up on Monday.

In the meantime, keep sewing those scraps!  YAY US!

Show And Tell Time!

I love Show and Tell time!  Readers are so kind to share their progress and projects based on WeddingDressBlue tutorials.  Keep them coming!

Here is a lovely (and breezy) version of Growing Up Odd.  About time for me to make another one of those!  She used 2-1/2″ squares and the quilt finished at approximately 100″.  I love the blue sashing.


Here is a Twinkle Baby that Judy made and donated as a comfort quilt.  Such wonderful colors! Don’t the twinkl-y star points make you smile?!


Ellen wrote: This started out as part of our church Christmas program.  I made squares for each of our kids to present a blanket to baby Jesus.  I then decided I should make something productive out of them since I had that many done.  This will fit on a king size bed and I am giving to Gigi’s Playhouse to auction off at our annual gala.

What a lovely result!  I am trying to decide how I could incorporate a similar idea in my classroom.

RAndy shared the Irish Stars pattern with her guild in Maine, and has sparked a whole new series of quilts there.  Thanks for sharing!  Here is her version.  So striking!

Dominique shared her Fading Charms Quilt made using 3-1/2″ squares.  She is hand quilting this beauty!

fading charm 2020.jpg

Sheila created a Whimsically Growing Up Odd with a border.  The color coordination gives it a whole new look. Nice!

Meg has made several WeddingDressBlue patterns and shared her Starring Baby quilt this time.


You can find all WeddingDressBlue tutorials in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Feel free to make and share.  Thank you for your kindness and support!


Star Kissed Quiltalong: Patch Pieces–Centers And Corners

If you are new to the Star Kissed Quiltalong, welcome!  No, you are not late.  Today is the perfect day for a new idea. You can find all you might want to know about the quiltalong HERE, or you can link from the button to the right or the menu above.

It’s finally time to get sewing! YAY!

Hopefully you have decided what size squares you are going to use and how many blocks you are going to make.  If you need more thinking time, feel free to stop by the QUILT SIZE CONSIDERATIONS post for information and suggestions.

Whatever size base square you are using, these directions are for ONE block.  So, if you are using 2-1/2″ base squares and making a baby quilt, you only need to create ONE set of a single 25-patch and FOUR 4-patches.  If you are using 1-1/2″ base squares and making a queen size quilt, you need to create THIRTY SIX  25-patchs and ONE HUNDRED FOURTY FOUR 4-patches.  (Don’t give up already, it isn’t as bad as it sounds.)


Go to your cut squares boxes, or start one now.  Get out some scraps (you do have them, don’t you) and start cutting.  The more the merrier.  You can do it “anything goes” style or controlled scrappy, but remember that the star points will give a dominate color to the quilt anyway and “anything goes” is kind of fun.

If using 1-1/4″ squares, the finished 25-patch should be 4-1/4″ or 3-3/4″ finished.  The 4-patches should be 2″ or 1-1/2″ finished.

If using 1-1/2″ basesquares, the finished 25-patch should be 5-1/2″ or 5″ finished. The 4-patches should be 2-1/2″ or 2″ finished.

If using 2″ base squares, the finished 25-patch should be 8″ or 7-1/2″ finished. The 4-patches should be 3-1/2″ or 3″ finished.

If using 2-1/2″ base squares, the finished 25-patch should be 10-1/2″ or 10″ finished. The 4-patches should be 4-1/2″ or 4″ finished.

Let me know how it is going, and feel free to ask questions.  I look forward to hearing and seeing your progress.

Star Kissed Quiltalong: Scale

As I prepare for the Star Kissed Quiltalong, I thought to share a few thoughts on scale.

It is amazing how the same quilt made with different size pieces changes appearance.  Yes, the block pattern remains the same, but the quilt will feels different.

What size is right?  The size that YOU are happy with.  Yes, I tend to use very small pieces (or small to some people, at least) but that doesn’t mean I am a better-worse-or-otherwise quilter than you are.  It is just that small pieces are my preference.

Husband observed early in my quilting history that the sizes seemed to get smaller as my stress level rose.  Hmmm…he might have something there.

Anyway, let’s take a look at scale.


Here are squares:  1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″.

Turn those into 4-patches (think the corner accents in the blocks) and they are 2-1/2″, 3-1/2″ and 4-1/2″ square.


When you get to 25-patches, they are 5-1/2″, 8″, and 10-1/2″.


A single block center based on 2-1/2″ squares is the same size as the entire block made with (crazy lady) 1-1/4″ squares.

Hmmm….think on that for a while and I’ll be back soon with more information.


Quiltalong Alert: Star Kissed

Your response to Star Kissed was so kind!  Thank you!


I am still sewing along on blocks.  There are 8 of them now.  And I still like them a lot.


So, here’s the deal:  If you find this project interesting, start gathering squares–1-1/2″ or 2″ or 2-1/2″.  Whatever makes you happy.  I will shortly produce a quiltalong that will make a quilt using that size.  It has been a while.

Come, sew along!

A New Idea: Star Kissed

Years ago Sparkle Jane took a notion and decided to cut 1-1/4″ squares.  1-1/4″?!?  That is REALLY small.  But, they sat in this box and after a while started to hum at me.  Do projects ever do that to you?  Just sort of seem to hum in the back of your mind, “I could be beautiful.  Give me a chance.”

So, I started to piece, a little aimlessly at first.  Just as a leader-ender project.  Before I knew it, I was making 25-patches.  Then, there were 25 of them.

By then there was too much invested to stop.

Next step was a sort of economy block layout.  But, they didn’t feel finished.

Add some star points and fancy corners and you get….



I originally called it “Tiny,”  but now I call it “Star Kissed.”  I am not sure that is its real name, though.

I visualize it with white sashing and tiny colored corner stones.  And probably a really cool border of some kind.

This block is 10″, but it could easily be resized to sensible proportions based on, say, 2″ or 2-1/2″ squares in the center.  What do you think?


Throwback Sewing: Hundred Patch Finish

Sometimes the oldies really are goodies.

This Hundred Patch Quilt was so pleasant to work on.  It is one of the first larger quilts I designed, and I still love it today.  Just find 2,000 or so 2″ squares and you are on your way!

It might not look it at first, but it is a controlled scrappy quilt with colors chosen to coordinate with the back.  Also, the sashing is a cream color rather than stark white as I often use.

This is the third Hundred Patch Quilt I have made, and I am certain it won’t be the last.

ps–The backing fabric is Ornithology by Wild Apple for Four Seasons under license by David Textiles.

THROWBACK: Hundred Hugs Top

It has been fun to revisit my own tutorials from several years ago.


And I have a Hundred Hugs top to show for it.


The colors were chosen to match the proposed back.


Hopefully it will be a complete quilt soon.  The baby is on the way!

Throwback Sewing

There is sewing happening.  And it is all throwback sewing…taking the time to revisit and enjoy tutorials I developed years ago.


These are the hundred patch centers of a Hundred Patch quilt.  All the patches are done and the pieced sashing, too.  Just need to cut the background sashing and stitch it all together.  This quilt is planned as a gift for a colleague at school.


This is the beginning of a Hundred Hugs quilt just because I found cute backing fabric and babies seem to come along regularly.  That is a good enough reason.

While I do have ideas for some new designs, I have enjoyed revisiting old favorites.  Nice to return to my roots.

Irish Stars Top Complete

On Wednesday…

I did not work in the garden.

I did not vacuum.

I did not do the dishes.

I did not do laundry.

I did not read a book.

I did none of these things.


What I DID do was assemble the Irish Stars Quilt top.


When there are 323 blocks constructed primarily of 1-1/2″ squares, it is slow going.


Seemingly tiny mistakes matter, and have to be picked out and done again.


But, in the end, it is worth it!