Brief Kitchen Update

The kitchen stalled out over the corner countertop.  After reviewing pricing and options, we decided to create our own concrete countertop…after all, how hard could it be.



But, we have a countertop (complete with epoxy bar top finish) and we’re still happily married.DSC01158

Husband and I installed the sink last night and are hoping to make progress on the plumbing connections tonight.

Running water in the kitchen again soon!

Small Someday #2: Finding The Right Project

People have asked, “How do you decide what to do with scraps?”  I am going to document this project and hopefully give some insight on that question.

NOTE:  All the “Hmm…” is a place where you stop and think.  Really.  It happens a lot in this process.

  1. Gather your scraps–DONE!
  2. Find the right project.  Consider the following:
    • Do you have an occasion coming up?  A technique you have wanted to try?  A gift in mind?  Those can be good inspiration.  Hmm…
    • What shape/size are the scraps.  Strings?  Chunks?   Irregular?  This matters a lot when deciding on a use or purpose.  This pile had some chunks and some longer strips, but no really large pieces.  Hmm…
    • How much fabric are you willing/able to add to the existing pile?  Background?  Additional fabrics?  Hmm…
  3. OK–I know I want to make a small quilt/baby quilt/wall hanging/table topper sort of thing.  You might have just the pattern in mind.  Or, if you are like me, you have a general idea and want to add an individual touch.  I enjoy the design process, so that is the route I usually take. Here is my starting point…DSC01127

Come back in a day or two to see how I start cutting, pulling precut pieces and adding fabrics.  This will be a quilt yet!