Never Have I Ever

Do you know the game “Never Have I Ever”?  You go around the circle saying commonly done things you have NEVER done.  Then see who else hasn’t done those things.

(I only just found out it is some kind of drinking game, and I don’t drink. But, I digress.)

Yesterday morning I could have said, “Never have I ever purchased a sewing machine.”

How many also raised their hands?

Today, I can no longer say that.

Although, I guess that depends on what you classify as a sewing machine…


What I bought was a serger.

Does that count?


A Week Without Quilting

This week was full of many things, but none involved quilting:

Being a teacher with no class isn’t nearly as much fun.  We are making it work, but it is mostly the WORK part without the reward of watching all those lovely young people becoming themselves.  That said, we are here and doing all we can to support students and families, many of whom are struggling one way or the other.

Making masks.  The care center where my sister-in-law lives (alcohol induced psychosis–home care impossible) has been hit by Covid-19.  There isn’t much any of us can do, but I can sew.  So, I did.  Masks for patients that will wear them.  For staff who need them.

Young Son left for basic training in the United States Army as a Medic.  Yes, it is hard when our children leave home, but it is time.  And, eagles were meant to fly.  The mother bird wouldn’t want them to stay in the nest forever.



You know, life stuff.  That is how it is.  And I am not complaining.

Maybe this week I can get back to quilting.  But, there are another about 30 orders for masks.  Well, maybe the week after this…