O-Kaffe That’s A Bright Bedroom

With new rugs, curtains, pillows and a quilt, the bedroom is complete!


I really like it.


Husband, who started all this, says we’ll save money on nightlights and alarm clocks.


The quilt is very simply quilted with an all over pantograph.  I realize that lacks style, but it is the first quilt I have ever done myself on a longarm machine.  My local quilt shop offers classes and rentals, so I took the plunge and am pleased with the results.  Not perfect, but not too bad all things considered.DSC00670

Oh, and don’t forget the pillow that I shared in a sneak-peek a week ago.  Don’t look too close at the center–I learned a lot about foundation piecing and planning seams. Actually I dream of making an entire quilt of string pieced Lemoyne stars, but it will have to wait until Irish Stars is complete.


Bright and happy and designed together.  I am not an interior designer, but I had fun working on this one.


FAIR Results

Sweet Sixteen was awarded a blue ribbon at the fair this past week.


I had hoped for that.  It wasn’t the right kind of spectacular for a major prize, but it is its own kind of beautiful.


This is Utah and there are a lot of quilts entered.


These pictures show about 2/3 of the total.  I should have taken another shot to get more of them in.

So nice to know there are many like-minded people out there.

Pre-Loved Quilt WINNER

The winner of the pre-loved quilt is Nancy.  She blogs at https://wyomingbreezes.blogspot.com/  and really does live in Wyoming.  Also, a retired teacher.  I hope she will love the quilt as much as I have.

There were so many entries for this giveaway that I plan to do it again next time I redecorate a space.  Quilters “get it” and I know the quilt will be taken care of.

Thank you all.

Decorating Distractions

The re-decorating of the bedroom continues. Today my focus was Pillow #3.


Here is a preview (highlighting the really poor top stitching) of the completed project.  I hope to have a full room reveal within the week after finishing the bed quilt.

It has been really distracting, but when one’s husband is in the decorating mode, it is time to act.

And it has been fun.  You know you married a good man when there are still surprises (good ones) 22-1/2 years later.