She’s Back!

My daughter, Sparkle Jane, has been sewing since she was a tiny girl. She is part of what encouraged me in quilting, so I could stay one step ahead.

She even had her own blog. At 12 years old.

Then life happened–college, marriage, a move, graduation.

But, now she’s back and quilting away. Considering visiting her blog and subscribing. You won’t be disappointed:

A Dry Spell

Our weather has been hot and dry. And school started. And we are building a deck.

Yep, a lot is going on, but not a lot on the blog. I hope things will slow down enough in the rest of my life that things will be able to speed up a little here.

On the other hand, some of the fun of starting a new year at school gave me a good reason to wear a great hat. I look tired in this picture because I was. But I do love my job.