I Made Something

While quilting is my dearest love in the crafting world, it did occur to me that perhaps things had become a bit…stale.

So, I decided to try something different.


This book came from the local library and is full of fun ideas.


Like this!


A fully lined and insulated lunch bag.  WITH a zipper.


It has some issues, but I am pretty sure lunch will still taste good.  And I enjoyed the process of just trying something.  Worth the process.

ps–Will return to regularly scheduled “programming” soon.  But, look for a few different things in the near future.  Different is good.

Looking For A Longarm?

The person I rent quilting time from is updating to a new machine.  She is selling the current machine, and you might be interested.


“Millie” is a 2004 APQS Millennium machine. (Picture above is of her twin sister, Mollie, who already has a new home. No, that is not me quilting.)  Lovingly and impeccably maintained.  Comes with a lot of extras, including…

*12’ table with plastic protector for panto use.

*Laser system for panto use

*Motorized take up roller system

*Zipper system with master zippers attached to leaders if wanted

* Table-top electric bobbin winder

*50 new bobbins

*2 cones of thread-your choice of color

*Package of 10 needles

*Other replacement parts such as bobbin tension springs, needle bar screws, etc.

*Shipping, setup, delivery and training in your home on machine function all depending on your location and needs.  You can talk to the owner about it. The machine is located in Northern Utah, United States.


I have used this machine several times and loved it.  There is not room in my life for one or it would already be here, but perhaps this is the right thing for you.  If it might be, email me or leave a comment, and I will get you in touch with the owner.  It is such a good deal on a good machine.

A Blessing And A Curse

About two-and-one-half years ago my sewing room got a major facelift in the form of a cutting table.  YAY!  So many years of cutting on the floor were over.


But, the curse part is that it created space to shove stuff.  A LOT of stuff.


So, it all came out.

A really big pile went to live elsewhere.


The batting pieces were even made into Franken-batting and given a storage space.


And it is all back.

The top of the table is still a bit of a mess, but that can wait until tomorrow…