Day 3: Sewing Class

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I was tired…Not of sewing, but tired enough that I fell into bed about 8pm.

The students continue to grow. They are helping one another with small machine fixes. And general advice.

They are experimenting.

They made a bevy of baskets.

TOTAL PRODUCTION FOR DAY 3: 12 baskets, 48 coasters, 30 bookmarks, 6 potholders and 12 pincushions.  And some experiments.

One more day (today). I will report back.

Day 2: Sewing Class

Today I didn’t do as good a job of taking pictures, but the students did a great job working.

We added the joy of strip-pieced potholders to the mix, which were slower projects, and required new skills, but produce satisfying results.

The new skills included foundation piecing, thick fabric layers, and hand-sewing. Fortunately, I had two adult helpers for most of the day.

Not bad results for people who mostly had never sewn two days ago.

Today’s tally: coasters–98, bookmarks–17, potholders–23.

More fun tomorrow!

Day 1: Sewing Class

The room was set up and ready to go.

The students arrived and got busy.

Our projects for the first day were COASTERS and BOOKMARKS. Skills improved rapidly.

At the end of the day the total produced (from the 16 students present) was: COASTERS–106, BOOKMARKS–28. Several items were not yet finished and will be included in the totals for Wednesday.

Thanks to all who have encouraged, suggested and shared fabric. Three more days of fun await!