School Started

Yes, school started and sewing has to take a back seat.

Thursday and Friday of this past week were our annual Opening Camp where all of the students in grades 6-8 (11-14 years old, mostly) go to “school in the woods” for two days.

I know that you are thinking, “How does that work?”


Mostly, very well.

They get to know one another and build community.


Enjoy the great outdoors.


Do activities.


Create art. (Each student will have a piece in a series of large stained glass-style murals).

At the end all are tired and dirty and ready to go home.


With great memories.


Fair Results

Halfway took a blue ribbon at the local fair.  It was what I had hoped for–the subdued, eclectic colors and the simple quilting meant that it probably wouldn’t take a big prize, but it is always fun to enter.


There are always a lot of quilts at our local fair.


People support quilting here.



It comes and goes so quickly, but really brings the community together just to celebrate US.