2020 Quilt Report

2020 was a difficult year in many ways for many people, but in our sewing room, Sparkle Jane and I had a banner year.

We built all sorts of quilts… (not all shown here)

Donation quilts…

Small Quilts…

Random Gift Quilts…

Wedding Quilts…

Sparkle Jane quilts…

By rough estimate, we used about 264 yards of fabric this year. The sad part is by looking at the sewing room, you can’t tell the difference. I don’t even know where it all comes from. We don’t buy much…

Here is the year in list form:

  1. Charleston Pavement (COMPLETE 2/2020)
  2. Baby Mountains (COMPLETE 8/2/2020)
  3. Star Kissed (1-1/4″ top complete, 2-1/2″ COMPLETE 6/2020, 1-1/2″ COMPLETE 6/2020)
  4. Safe Haven
  5. Wedding Quilt (teacher friend) COMPLETE 5/31/2020
  6. Sticks and Bricks (Nicole’s quilt)(COMPLETE 4/2020)
  7. Festival quilt (donation) N/A–Covid Casualty
  8. Solids Quilt–aka Pebbles wedding #4 (Complete 6/29/2020)
  9. Christmas Mini Quilt (Complete 12/28/2020)

And, because more tend to get added…

10. Small Herd #2 (COMPLETE 4/2020)

11. Black and Bright (Complete 7/27/2020)

12. Mystery Quiltalong (Complete 7/18/2020)

13.  Scrappy Trips (Complete 11/21/2020)

14. Blue Bear Tracks (Wedding #5) (Complete 11/20/2020)

15. Dr. Seuss Baby Quilt (Complete 11/9/2020)

16. RWB Adopted Quilt (Complete 11/27/2020)

17. Welcome Home Quilt 1 (Complete 11/26/2020)

18.  Pastel Baby (top finished 12/20/2020)

19.  Mini Pinwheels (Complete 12/26/2020)


MASKS–an unexpected addition

April: 62

May: 111

June: 21

July: 58

August:  86

September: 8

October: 4

November: 12

December: 4

TOTAL: 366


Sparkle Jane…

  1. Campout (COMPLETE 2020)
  2.  Trees (COMPLETE 2020)
  3. String Quilt (COMPLETE 8/1/2020)
  4. Pinpoint Sample Top
  5.  Batik Bali Stars (COMPLETE 12/2020 w/Pillow Set)
  6.  Baby Bee Quilt (COMPLETE 2020)
  7. Marble Town (COMPLETE 12/30/2020)

Final Countdown Task Three

Shelly doesn’t just want us to end 2020 well, she also helps us start 2021 strong.

So she has set us the task of Take stock/organize/deal with unfinished projects.

I don’t have very many unfinished projects, thanks partially to Shelly.

But I do have a few, and I do have ideas for next year.

Here is my list (also seen in the sidebar):


  1. Pastel Baby (top complete 2020)
  2. Olivia (top complete 2020)
  3. Star Kissed 1-1/4″ (top complete 2020)
  4. Star Kissed 2″
  5. Safe Haven
  6. Corona Leader/Ender
  7. Halfway #2 (w/tutorial)
  8. Faire and Square
  9. Vintage Restoration
  10. Sweet Christmas Dreams
  11. Scrappy Stars (new L/E)
  12. Hourglass with 5″ squares
  13. and ….


  1. Frame Sunbonnet Sue
  2. Flannel Shirt for Husband
  3. Dress
  4. MORE doll clothes

Of all those items, only 6 are currently underway, and I would only count Safe Haven as a UFO. I have all the blocks done, but don’t really know what to do next. I’ll share sometime soon. In the meantime, I will go and sew some.

Final Countdown Task One

I LOVE the Final Countdown, sponsored by Prairie Moon Quilts.

Shelly always has something timely to help us end the year right. Task One is:

Clear off your main work surface

Naturally, I like to think I keep a pretty good work space. Sparkle Jane (daughter) and I share the space and I am not a clutter person generally. But, honest eyes see that help is needed.

And, once those items are completely removed, it becomes obvious that dusting wouldn’t hurt at all. Where does all that lint come from anyway? I’ll blame the chickens (who get blamed for most things around here).

Some things did need put away, and others reorganized. I am leaving active projects on the surface. All others are elsewhere. The main work surface is prime real estate and should be treated that way.

Thank you for another task that makes me think. Now, I have a few errands to run and then I think I’ll do some sewing!

ps–I also took the chance to change my rotary cutter blade. Good timing!