Hearts Desire(d) COMPLETE

Yes, people, we have a quilt. All. The. Way. Thanks to you.

Finished size is about 90″ x 93″.

Front and back, it is stitched with love.

I appreciate all the time and effort and general moral support that make this project possible. Every single block received is in the finished quilt. You made a lot of blocks!

The quilt will be delivered to Sparkle Jane and her fortunate husband as soon as we can get together (across complicated schedules and 500+ miles). I am not prepared to trust it to the mail right now.

ps–I recognize that these pictures aren’t the best, but you needed to see it sooner rather than after all spring weather challenges have passed.

pps–If you are interested in seeing how this group quilting project came together, search Hearts Desire(d) in the search bar in the upper right of this screen.

Planting Time

While some of you are heading into Fall, and some are well into Summer, here in Northern Utah, United States, it is planting time.

My garden is located in the front of my house in the small strip of land between the sidewalk and the street known locally as the “mow strip.”

We didn’t want to mow ours, or waste water on the space when it wasn’t really used, so the garden ended up there.

I plant a wide variety of things, but only a little of each–with just two of us we don’t really need more.

Tomatoes, peppers, okra, beans, squash, peas, broccoli, kohlrabi, etc.

Nothing special really, but I enjoy the quiet time working on it and the fresh food that comes out of it.

Star Kissed 2″ Complete

Star Kissed 2″ quilt is complete!

I love everything about it: It is large (about 80″ square). The colors are just right. The muslin background gives a different look than the bright white I often use. The quilting is customized to the quilt and adds a dimension all its own.

Yep, it makes me happy.

Soon the 1-1/4″ version will be complete and I will have the entire happy family together to admire. What fun that will be!

What To Do?

Some time ago I was gifted a complete kit with pattern of the Safe Haven Quilt by Thimbleberries. It wasn’t exactly my typical style, but I thought it would do me good to use an actual pattern, different color scheme, larger size pieces and a little applique.

So I made the blocks. And enjoyed it.

But, then I really looked at the setting and discovered I didn’t like it. It isn’t so bad in the pattern, but I have seen pictures of finished quilts on beds, and it isn’t for me. At all. I am sure many people do like it very much. Maybe I have just gone as far out of my comfort zone as I can manage.

So, what to do?