Front Yard Garden

Recently,  Jane asked about the garden boxes in the background of one of the photos.  Let me share a little about them.


Our backyard is very shady with large, beautiful trees.  Lovely to enjoy of an evening, but not such a good place to garden.


Our front mow strip (space between sidewalk and road), on the other hand, is PERFECT!  It runs east-west and has sun all day long.  You will notice that our yard isn’t bright green.  It takes too much water to do that in 95F heat, so we water enough to keep it alive and wait for cooler weather.  It is the responsible thing to do.


We built the boxes out of materials scavenged from a nearby construction site.  Not very fashionable, but cost effective. The mulch between the boxes is the grass clippings from the yard.  It is not at all humid here so they don’t mold, but slowly decompose while keeping the weeds at bay.


It isn’t fancy, but it is fruitful.  From these few boxes we get fresh vegetables daily from about mid-April (peas, radishes, greens) through late October (pumpkins, etc.).


It doesn’t take much maintenance and having it in the front gives us motivation to keep it looking nice.  When we are giving directions to our house, we usually end with “and the garden is in the mow strip.”  Not a bad thing to be known for.


Brief Kitchen Update

The kitchen stalled out over the corner countertop.  After reviewing pricing and options, we decided to create our own concrete countertop…after all, how hard could it be.



But, we have a countertop (complete with epoxy bar top finish) and we’re still happily married.DSC01158

Husband and I installed the sink last night and are hoping to make progress on the plumbing connections tonight.

Running water in the kitchen again soon!