Quilting Up A Storm

Three quilts stand (in various stages of completion) between me and a goal date of January 1.


This one needs binding stitched down on two sides.


This one needs binding made, attached and stitched down all around. It was quilted yesterday (Thursday).


This one needs a back, quilting, binding made, attached and stitched down.  Scheduled for quilting today).

Racing for the finish and quilting up a storm!

Roundabout Baby Flimsy

A few leftover pieces and a cute pattern and, Ta-dah!  You have a quilt!


This idea came from “Another Bite of Schnibbles.”  The pattern is called Roundabout.

I added a narrow outer border using the background fabric.  The top finishes at 34″ square.

DSC01267.JPGAnother one in the to-be-quilted pile.

Three Wishes Flimsy

Things are smoothing out a little here, and winter has arrived.  So, I am have more personal time and the snow provides a good excuse for fewer outside chores. (Yep, that mountain really is the view directly north from my house.)


Because of that, I have another finished flimsy:  Three Wishes.


I resized the pattern to 2/3 the original size.  If I did it again I might go for 3/4, just to make it a larger lap size.


I hope to schedule some quilting time to finish it before the end of the year, but at least I have made it this far.

Slightly Slower Assembly

After sprint sewing Tuesday night, Wednesday’s pace was more measured.  After all, there were people at home and other things to do.  While I voted for popcorn for dinner today, the family vetoed.  We are going over to a friend’s house to share with them.

Daughter did her part yesterday producing vast quantities of PIE.  That has become a tradition at our house.  We will assemble a buffet tray later and drop it off at the local fire station–We are grateful for the people who work so we can play today.

Anyway, I started assembly on the top.  About half way…


I hope to finish today.  Tomorrow I have time reserved on the machine I rent and, with a little luck, it will be a quilted quilt. Binding Saturday??? Whew!

Sprint Sewing

After a sewing drought, I found myself with an evening to myself.

Ah–blissful sewing time!


I hauled out an idea that I had started to cut for a while back and cut a little more to go with it.

Then started sewing!


Three hours later I have over half of a top.  With any luck at all I will have MORE sewing time today.  Hmmm…would the family be ok with popcorn for dinner tomorrow?

Seeing Stars: Modified Blocks

I caught up on the “curvy” blocks by not doing them curvy.


See, I knew that there was little chance I could complete 28 applique blocks and there needed to be some connection in the quilt.


So, (ta-dah!) I have started on these little blocks that mirror the center of the modified curvy blocks.

Good choice?

Thanks to Melissa for the Seeing Stars Quiltalong.  Even though I have changed a few things, I have found it most inspiring.