Scrap Batting

My batting scraps were completely out of hand.  So, I sorted them into piles by type.  Whoa!  That is quite a few piles.


About 2 hours later I had quilt batts created and set aside for 6 quilts waiting to be quilted.  (There are really 8 waiting, but the other two are so large they need specific batting purchased.)


And quilt batts made and stored for 6 more quilts–two throws and 4 baby quilts.

A single grocery sack-full is left of very small scraps that will go the school art department for the students to imagine with.

Not much stitching today, but I still feel very successful.

If you want information on turning your scraps into usable batts, you might want to check out a few tutorials like these:


Another New Project? Really??

Sometimes it is just TIME!

I vowed that this year, 2018, would be the SOMEDAY year, and I am tackling someday projects one after another.

This project has been a plastic tote stuffed with scraps for way too long.


Now it is small piles of scraps scattered all over.


And some cut and prepped.

More news coming soon…

Flight Path Flimsy

Flight Path is now a completed top.


You might recall that a while back I was rejoicing over developing a NON-paper-pieced version of an airplane.


Now that block has several friends, a setting and a border.  What it does NOT have yet is a tutorial.  Classes are out June 1–after that, my schedule will open up to such luxuries.  🙂

New Idea

There are probably other projects I should have been working on, but I had a new idea. So, I had to see what it would look like.


For now, it is called “Cross My Heart.”  This isn’t a great picture, particularly against the light floor. Also, binding will change the look a lot.  That said, what do you think? Should the heart be larger?  Or sort of a surprise waiting to be discovered?