New Project Update

It isn’t taking as long as I thought to get a lot done on the new project: THIS ONE.

It is now called the Confetti Quilt, and there are 100 of 144 blocks assembled. And most of the pieces are cut (out of that abundant scrap box) for the rest of the blocks.

Possibly the blocks will be complete by early February. Such a nice way to start the year.

New Year. New Project.

My end of the year cleaning almost always results in a new year project.

My bin of “little bits of background fabric” was overflowing. Fortunately, there are patterns for that.

Like THIS ONE. I am making 6″ blocks using only 4 HSTs each, rather than the 12″ she shows. But the rest of the measurements are the same.

So, I am busy sewing bits and pieces and creating blocks. There is a long ways to go. I am currently planning for a 72″ square quilt and that will take 144 blocks. Maybe I’ll do more, but that is the basic goal.

I’ll keep you posted.

Counting Down

I have two quilts in process at the moment, both requiring more than 100 blocks.

Only 15 to go for this one.

And about 30 for this one.

I am counting down and looking forward to the assembly process. I really want to see what they will look like and it has been a long time coming …

Digging out a Faire UFO

I don’t have a lot of UFOs. In fact, I have two.

This is one of them. I started it more than a year ago–designing blocks and playing with color.

Then…it went in the box. And under the table.

Why? I am not sure. I dug it out and am ready to go. I think part of the reason is that there are 8 different block styles and each has separate cutting directions. So, I am going to try working on one block type at a time, making as many as I think I will need of that one, and then moving on.

I call it Faire and Square. Hopefully it will soon be fair-ly finished.