My Daughter “Sparkle Jane,” that amazing 14-year-old seamstress now has her own blog!  To see her work, both available and sold, please visit:

You will see quilts like these, some of her most recent, and more…

6 thoughts on “SMALL QUILTS FOR SALE

  1. what a beautiful job you are doing sparkle jane…keep up the good are an inspiration for us all..such tiny work..

  2. Hi, Miss Jane of the Sparkles! I’d like to get the purple and green pinwheel, please. Send my invoice to the same paypal address as before. If you don’t still have it, let me know.

  3. I love your little quilts. They look well made and should make any little girl happy. I usually give doll quilts when I give doll beds, or new outfits. Right now the American Girl Dolls are so popular, my DGDs like to receive outfits for them. I’ve made several pairs of pj’s and I think you could sell doll quilts to coordinate with some of the American Girl outfits. I receive a catalog from them. You might want to get on their list, and look at what is current and make some quilts to match and fit their beds. If your marketing included “fits American Girl Dolls”, more grandmothers would probably buy them, especially if you sell at craft fairs around Christmas. I hope this gives you ideas.

  4. I adore my special order quilt that arrived today! I’ll be blogging with a photo tomorrow, but tell Miss Sparkly that she did a wonderful job and really made my day!

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