Quilt Racks and MORE!

After seeing the quilt rack my father built, several people have wanted one of their own.


Yes, you may borrow my father.

He will  make a rack and ship it in the US for $130.  That seems more than reasonable for a solid oak, artisan piece.

The rack is approximately  52-inches tall and each of the four arms is approximately 27-inches long.  It is supported by 4 long screws, included, that MUST be installed into a wall stud.  Husband said it was not hard to do.  He used a screw gun and a wrench.


If you are interested, drop me a line and I’ll help with the arrangements.  I am probably biased, but this quilt rack is something any quilter would love.


You can now have one of these lovely seam rippers for your very own also!  They are only $20 each, including US shipping.


Remember that they are two-sided, with both a large and small ripper head. And, wow, are they sharp and easy to use! Do you get annoyed trying to use hold those tiny handles on most seam rippers? Oh, you will love this one. The handle is about 3-1/4″ long, and fits my hands much better than any other seam ripper I have used. Your might be made of any of a variety of beautiful woods.  Each is different.  Each is beautiful!

seam ripper

Yes, I am probably biased, but I just love mine! It (almost) makes picking out a pleasure. 🙂


Just leave a comment or e-mail me to order yours.


Here are some pictures of quilt racks in their happy homes:

Dee Dee’s version holds 4 100″ quilts without a groan


Norece loves hers.


36 thoughts on “Quilt Racks and MORE!

  1. I would like to buy one of the cascading quilt racks. My mom has a ton of quilts and this would be a perfect way for her to display them in her home.

  2. Hi, I am writing to you from the uk and have seen the great seam ripper on the blog of Lucie The Happy quilter, who I follow daily. Would love to order one, so please would you let me know how to go about it. Many thanks and best wishes from Sandra.

  3. Good Morning; Am having an early coffee break here in the UK and discovered your Blog whilst researching quilting (am thinking of having a crack at a proper quilt, having finished my first block quilt last weekend – Mother-in-Law’s Yuletide gift). Like most new enthusiasts, I think the more tools/books/instruction manuals you have, the more likely you are to succeed…….but……..practical AND beautiful is EVEN BETTER. I LOVE the seam ripper – mine is a dinky little plastic jobby, the top of which is missing, so I stab myself every time I delve into the sewing hamper. Now, of course, I am the other side of the pond to you, but wonder, what would be the postage for a stitch ripper to come all the way from Utah to the historical town of St Albans, in Hertfordshire, UK. Love your Blog – just wish I had a tenth of your talent! Annie x

  4. Please let me know how I could order one (or more) of these quilt racks! I have a quilt on our bed all year long but I would love to display seasonal quilts when not in use.

  5. I’m interested in buying a couple of the 2-ended seam rippers. Please let me know the best way to do this. Thanks!

  6. Please tell your creative father that I love the ripper. Unfortunately, it isn’t just a display piece! Gets ‘way too much use!!

  7. I love, love, love the quilt rack. We have been looking for a project for my 16 year old daughter to do with her grandfather so they have ‘bonding’ tine together. Would your father be willing to sell us plans?

  8. Could I have more information on ordering the seam ripper? In live in Florida, USA. I love almost anything made of wood. Both of your fathers products are wonderful.

  9. Would like to order 1 of your olive wood seam rippers. They are all beautiful. Let me know what I need to do.
    Linnet Rogers

  10. I would like to order one of the seam rippers as a Christmas gift for a friend would is very difficult to buy for. What wood is the one pictured made from, it is so pretty.

  11. I purchased two of your Dad’s homemade racks and love them very much. It is such a lovely way to display my quilts. Awesome racks indeed.

      1. Yes, quilt racks are available.

        Quilt racks are $130 each, including US shipping. You can pay with a check or by PayPal to treadfam@gmail.com, which is $135 per quilt rack to cover the fees.

        Once your payment is received, my father will build yours and they usually ship within two weeks. It might be just a little longer right now as my parents are in the middle of calving season on the ranch. But, not too long.

        People really seem to like their quilt racks. I love mine.

        Let me know what works for you.


      2. Thank you for your quick reply.. Can you send a money order? if so, can you email me your mailing address? Thank you so much..

  12. Would love, love two of Dad’s quilt racks! I’ve been looking for just the very thing. Please let me know if they are still available for purchase and how to get them.
    Thank you!

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