Baby Mine Finish

It feels so good to finish something…especially such a CUTE something.


Yesterday was a day off from school and it was snowing out and Daughter and I had a day to ourselves.  We spent some time running errands–some necessary and some just for fun–and some time at the house.


It was plenty of time to get this basted, quilted on our faithful Pfaff 130, and bound (while working on the taxes).


Today it goes to its new home. YAY!

Not an original design, based on blocks like THESE:  or

A Few Small Things–FINISHED

The three baby quilts I was working on for the past month or so are now FINISHED!

All three were quilted on Friday, bound Saturday/Sunday and will soon be with the intended owners–my parents–for future gifting.

I feel very successful.

First up is Construction. It is based on a FREE pattern found HERE:

Second is Floating Stars.  It is based on 4″ squares with the contrasting stars scattered here and there.  Nothing fancy, but I really like the colors and simplicity coordinated with the backing.

And, to wrap up this batch, Cars.  Thanks to Sew Fresh Quilts for their darling design ideas–the pattern is for sale HERE:

SO, unless a baby pops out unexpectedly, I think that is all my baby quilts for the year.  My goal was 10 and this is a total of 11.  YAY!

Pinwheel Construction

So many of you asked after the pattern for the pinwheel quilt.


Just to lead you further into temptation, here is the finished top.  Nine blocks resized to 12″ each.  The original pattern is based on 16″ blocks and can be found HERE:


The resize wasn’t too hard.  Just as a hint, the small squares start out at 2″ each.


I hope you will enjoy making one of your own.  This one should be a finished quilt in a week or so and I’ll share the final product then.

A Few Small Things

My current projects are a few baby quilts, part of the several I am making for my mother to have on hand.


Here is a finished top, based on 4″ squares.


And the back, to make the colors make more sense–I think it has a vintige-y, outdoors-y feeling.


Here is the second one, or, rather, two of the nine blocks.


They are part of this stack of pieces, intended to go with the backing of tools and construction equipment.


And there are these little pieces of leftovers I am going to do something with.  Later on.


And finally this one, which is just a pile of scraps and ideas at the moment, but it will involve cars when it is finished.

Baby quilts are fun because they are quick and low risk.  Even if you don’t find that you love an idea, it is easy to push towards a finish knowing that you won’t have to suffer very long.  And, sometimes, you discover something you really love and can do again later on a larger scale.

I hope to have all of these small things finished by the end of the month, at least to the flimsy stage.


Cows And Crayons Complete

Two more baby quilts complete.

The cows you have seen before.  (Thank you to Sew Fresh Quilts for the great design.)

Crayons snuck in quickly and behind the scenes.

They are both heading to my parents’ house for distribution to family and friends.  I have three more scheduled for this same purpose.  My parents are very tolerant of my sewing obsession.  A few years ago my mother proudly announced that she now had enough Deanna quilts for every bed in the house.  And she rotates them from time to time.  She is very protective of them, too. Some guests are deemed “not worthy” without even knowing it and the Deanna quilt is removed from the bed and replaced with a store-bought comforter before they arrive if she has any reason to suppose that they might not be appreciative or careful of the quilt.  I think it is a little funny.

These quilts, though, are definitely to be used. Just right for wrapping babies.

A Sparkle Jane Quilt

My amazing daughter, Sparkle Jane, is 17 and a senior in high school.  She still quilts, but hasn’t maintained her blog for a long time because of the rest of her schedule.  We all understand that there are times and seasons in life.


Quilting, though, has not gone by the wayside.DSC00685

Here is her most recent finish, for one of her teachers and his wife on the advent of their baby daughter.


It isn’t a pattern, just her take on the best use of the scrap pile she was considering. It finishes at about 40″ wide and is my second practice try at longarm quilting.  My part is far from perfect, but I think the quilt is Darling!

Lily Pad Finished

The Lily Pad quilt is now a finish, too.


It is being delivered to a fellow teacher for the very-soon-expected arrival of him and his wife’s new baby girl. (Child #6 in their family.  And, he says, the last.)


My friend, Ginny, did the quilting with an allover design of daisies.  You can find the TUTORIAL in the tab above.


Such a happy quilt!  If you make a Lily Pad quilt, please let me know and send pictures for me to add to the gallery.  Sharing is the best!