Black and White

You may remember that Daughter has been in ballet for many years. Young Son (yes, the tall one) joined her a few years ago as a “lift partner.”  (SIDE NOTE:  He recruits other young men to help by asking them what they do on Thursday night and would they like to “work out and pick up girls?”  Gets them every time.)

Sometimes I help with costuming.  Usually it is just for my own children, but this year other help was needed.  I did serious renovations on the costumes for the two lead dancers.  I don’t have any pictures of that process (I am terrible about taking pictures in the flow of creativity) but I do have pictures of another part of the effort:  Headpieces.

It is traditional for the Black and White Swan Princesses to have headpieces that usually involve crowns, feathers and a “beak” that goes over their foreheads.  These items are very expensive, at least $200, but easily $400, each.  Yikes!

With only a little shopping and a lot of help from the big pile of junk, these headpieces were created for about $25 total.  Not bad for materials.

Hopefully the dancers will be pleased.