Blue Bear Tracks Top Complete

I am SO HAPPY with how this quilt looks so far.

It is a perfect scrappy pattern (I added the extra inner and outer border for size) and it looks so nice in blue.

My mother says it reminds her a little of the Starry Night paining by Picasso.

Maybe a little…

Blue Blocks

Cutting has turned into sewing as I get started on the blue quilt.

Considering that this blog is Wedding Dress BLUE and that cobalt blue is my favorite color, I have made very few blue quilts.

But, blue is the favorite color of both the bride and groom, Yes, this one is for yet ANOTHER 2020 wedding. Amazing! With all the hard things this year has brought, there is much joy also.

Based on THIS pattern, with a modified border. You can see another version HERE.


Food Scraps

The lunch lady quilt is now complete.  Based on the Bear Scraps pattern, I call my version “Food Scraps.”

It was such a fun quilt to make and very bright.  Naturally.

I did alter the pattern by adding two small borders–one around the blocks and one outside the pieces squares border.  Finished size is about 57″ x 71″.

The quilting was done by me using the Pipeline panto.  I need to practice getting my points more pointy and this was great for that.

It will be delivered today.