Blue Progress

With school starting and all the craziness that means this year in particular, my sewing time is…much less. But, I have made a little progress on the blue quilt.

And this is how I keep my blocks, especially large ones, flat while I keep piecing. I guess it is a good thing my sewing space is in the laundry room.

Blue Blocks

Cutting has turned into sewing as I get started on the blue quilt.

Considering that this blog is Wedding Dress BLUE and that cobalt blue is my favorite color, I have made very few blue quilts.

But, blue is the favorite color of both the bride and groom, Yes, this one is for yet ANOTHER 2020 wedding. Amazing! With all the hard things this year has brought, there is much joy also.

Based on THIS pattern, with a modified border. You can see another version HERE.


Cutting For A New Project

As we ease into Fall and school, my sewing slows down, but I am cutting for a new project.

Often, I am more of a cut-as-I-go quilter, but this time I tried cutting the entire quilt at once. It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference in the finished project. I hope to be assembling blocks soon.

What about you?  Do you cut everything before you start?  Cut as you go?  Cut a whole bunch and see what happens?  Just wondering…

Sparkle Jane Finish: Blue Bargello

Sparkle Jane has waited a long time for this finish.


She started the quilt about six years ago (age 13).  The piecing went well, but then it was time for quilting.  She started hand quilting it, got about half way and decided that she didn’t like the way it looked.


And TORE IT ALL OUT.  Painful!


And then put the quilt away.


But now it was time.  The quilting looks a lot like water over stones.  Which is perfect for the pattern.  Finish size is 82″ x 63″.