Sew Sweet Simplicity Setting Option

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The final installment of the Sew Sweet Simplicity Block of the Month comes out today.  As a fortunate pattern tester, I had a  month to think about this ahead of time and had a lot of fun designing a setting plan that used the 12 blocks I created so far (2 each of the six Jacquelynne designed).


By creating alternate blocks and setting the whole thing on point, the finished top is 50″ x 67″, a large throw/couch quilt. If you added a border or two, it would be a twin size quilt.  Not too bad for 12 fancy blocks and a few extras!


The alternating blocks use the central snowball block that anchors each of the other blocks.  A set of written directions follows. This was a fun finish.  I wish I could say it was completely finished, but the top is at the quilters right now.  I’ll share more as soon as it is back from visiting Tara to get some of her magic.


As usual, there is a giveaway and more fun (Including a preview of an upcoming event that might or might not include another block of the month.  Shhh!  Don’t tell!) from Jacquelynne.  Enter the giveaway here and on the other participating blogs to have a chance at more nice prizes.


Here you can leave a comment for a chance at an e-book, retail value $14.95. There are several  little projects in this book along with recipes and fun crafts and projects that kids (of all ages) can do. At the Art of Home,  Jacquelynne’s own blog, she is giving away a large prize, which includes thread, patterns, book, tote bag and more. Retail value $70.


Tutorial:  Alternating 12″ Snowball Block

CUTTING: one 6-1/2″ square four 2″ squares two 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ rectangles background fabric two 3-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ rectangles background fabric ASSEMBLY: 1. Attach the 2″ squares to the corners of the 6-1/2″ square using the diagonal stitch-and-flip method as shown in the block patterns designed for the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM. Press. 2. Attach the 3-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ rectangles background fabric to the sides of the 6-1/2″ block. Press. 3. Attach the 3-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ rectangles background fabric to finish the alternating block.  Press.


I used six of these in this on-point layout. The setting triangles are 3 blocks 18-1/4″ squares, cut diagonally twice.  You will have two left over.  The setting corners are two blocks 9-3/8″, cut diagonally once. The quilt went together easily.  If an on-point setting appeals to you, consider alternating blocks.  It gives a new look (and a larger quilt).

Sew Sweet Simplicity Sneak Peek

How is your Sew Sweet Simplicity sewing coming along?  My setting plan worked out and I finished the top this week.  While I can’t show the whole thing yet, here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite.


That is the planned back and binding next to what is probably my favorite block in the bunch.  This version, with 12 blocks, is a nice size throw.  I am not sure it will be quilted by the “unveiling” date later on this month, but at least this much is ready.

Happy sewing!

Sew Sweet Simplicity Final Blocks

It is hard to believe we are already at the final blocks of the Sew Sweet Simplicity Block of the Month.

I built two copies each of all six blocks.


Here is block 4 and bonus block 2.


And here are all twelve together.

Next comes a setting plan and final assembly of the top.  It is so exciting!  How is yours coming along?  I look forward to seeing all of them.

In the meantime, you can leave a comment here and at the other participating blogs for a chance to win more great prizes.  Jacquelynne is so generous with giveaways.


 Sew Sweet Simplicity Free BOM-January Giveaway

The giveaway will be open until February 2.

See you again next month!

Sew Sweet Simplicity Bonus Block One

Yay, I am caught up.  These are my two Bonus Block One renditions from the Sew Sweet Simplicity Block of the Month sponsored by Jacquelynne from the Art of Home.


Another good design.  It is so interesting how just turning a few half square triangles here and there and you have an entirely different looking block.  I am having fun playing with color and making mine scrappy happy.

You can sign up for this Block of the Month and receive all back patterns, by going HERE.

You can enter this month’s giveaway of patterns HERE and HERE (and all the other great blogs that are participating) through January 2.

Next month will feature block 4 and bonus block 2.  There is also a catch up day (for this project, or maybe those other projects you might have that need attention) on January 10.

See, there is always something interesting going on at Art of Home. Stop by.  Subscribe.  You’ll be glad you did.

Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM Time!

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It is time for block 3 AND  Bonus block 1 patterns to be released.  As usual,  Jacquelynne has designed something wonderful!


Because of the Seventeen Quilts, I only have block 3 ready to show today.  Yes, you want to make this block!  It has almost a Crown of Thorns look to it that I really like.


I am making two of each block, so here are my six finished blocks together.  The quilt is starting to shape up.

Hopefully, I will have the bonus blocks finished and ready to share within the week.

In the meantime, sign up if you haven’t already and get stitching!

Once again, Jacquelynne has a giveaway ready for you.  This time there is…


A pattern pack. Just leave a comment here.



Three “mini-kits.”  To win these you need to go to The Art of Home and comment on THIS POST.

Enjoy!  The giveaway on this blog will be open until January 2.

You can visit other blogs and see their work, too.

Please visit:









A very Merry Christmas to you!

Sew Sweet Simplicity Block One–Times TWO!

I was late posting my block, but I did deliver twice the goods.  When a pattern is this pretty and goes together this easily, why not make two?!


Yes, this is my take on the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM Block 1 being sponsored by Art of Home. It is a more jewel-tone color scheme,  and I am making the centers dark.  I  have a twist planned for the setting, but we’ll see how the blocks turn out before I give that much away. Next month I really hope to be on time sharing my block(s).  Why don’t you share yours?  Join in if you haven’t signed up yet.  There are many options available and one is sure to suit you. See you next month for block two.

Have You Heard?

Jacquelynne Stevens of the Art of Home has created a new FREE block of the month you will definitely want to build:  Sew Sweet Simplicity.


It is a real beauty and will be shown with many options and color ways thanks to the great talent of the designer and support from a few monthly blog-hop helpers, like yours truly.  I was so flattered to be chosen as a cast member in this exciting production.

So, now that you have heard, go visit the Art of Home, look around, sign up and wait with great anticipation for the end of October when all the fun will start.

Batik Beauty–FINISHED!

The Batik BOM for my Local Quilt Shop (LQS) is finished.

It will be delivered today (Monday) to the shop for display and sign-ups for the BOM Program starting in November.

The quilter did a great job, I think.  The shop owner is concerned, though, that the lime green is a little too much.  What do you think?  Should we swap for a different fabric in the BOM kits?

This is my first batik quilt and the first one using fusible applique.

Batiks, I love. Particularly the saturated colors. (Notice that I made sure there was some cobalt blue (AKA wedding dress blue) in the quilt.)

Fusible applique?  Well, the jury is still out on that one.

But the quilt is finished and I hope it is a good program for the shop.

Batik Sneak Peek

I have shared glimpses of this project before, but this is more of a sneak peek. 

The (queen size) top is finished as of Thursday night just before midnight (I was determined to meet my deadline).  Today it is off to the quilter’s artistic hands.  Not my quilt, but a Block of the Month (BOM)  sample for my Local Quilt Shop (LQS).  If you are a batik person or a BOM person, watch for updates.  If you are interested I’ll get you the information to connect with the shop and participate by mail.

So, this is NOT what I will be working on for the FNSI tonight (see Sidebar).  Hmmm…what shall it be?  I have a small project for me and a school project idea for my children in mind.  Check back tomorrow afternoon to see how it turns out.

A New List

Today I celebrate the half-way point on THE LIST (see sidebar).  I started 2010 with 20 unfinished projects.  Here is the tenth finished quilt:  Sample Quilt for Shop (#20 on the list).

OK, I know a top doesn’t really count as finished, but it goes to the quilter then to live in the shop.  So, it is finished as far as I am concerned.

Now, to celebrate:  I am making a new list!  (YAY ME!)  It might not sound like a celebration to you, but I have been getting a lot of new ideas lately and want a place to put them, so a list it is. 

See sidebar addition NEW LIST!