Star Kissed Quiltalong: Patch Pieces–Centers And Corners

If you are new to the Star Kissed Quiltalong, welcome!  No, you are not late.  Today is the perfect day for a new idea. You can find all you might want to know about the quiltalong HERE, or you can link from the button to the right or the menu above.

It’s finally time to get sewing! YAY!

Hopefully you have decided what size squares you are going to use and how many blocks you are going to make.  If you need more thinking time, feel free to stop by the QUILT SIZE CONSIDERATIONS post for information and suggestions.

Whatever size base square you are using, these directions are for ONE block.  So, if you are using 2-1/2″ base squares and making a baby quilt, you only need to create ONE set of a single 25-patch and FOUR 4-patches.  If you are using 1-1/2″ base squares and making a queen size quilt, you need to create THIRTY SIX  25-patchs and ONE HUNDRED FOURTY FOUR 4-patches.  (Don’t give up already, it isn’t as bad as it sounds.)


Go to your cut squares boxes, or start one now.  Get out some scraps (you do have them, don’t you) and start cutting.  The more the merrier.  You can do it “anything goes” style or controlled scrappy, but remember that the star points will give a dominate color to the quilt anyway and “anything goes” is kind of fun.

If using 1-1/4″ squares, the finished 25-patch should be 4-1/4″ or 3-3/4″ finished.  The 4-patches should be 2″ or 1-1/2″ finished.

If using 1-1/2″ basesquares, the finished 25-patch should be 5-1/2″ or 5″ finished. The 4-patches should be 2-1/2″ or 2″ finished.

If using 2″ base squares, the finished 25-patch should be 8″ or 7-1/2″ finished. The 4-patches should be 3-1/2″ or 3″ finished.

If using 2-1/2″ base squares, the finished 25-patch should be 10-1/2″ or 10″ finished. The 4-patches should be 4-1/2″ or 4″ finished.

Let me know how it is going, and feel free to ask questions.  I look forward to hearing and seeing your progress.

Quick Quilt

This quilt is a gift for a teacher friend and, looking at the calendar and being really honest with myself, I knew it needed to be quilted this weekend or it wouldn’t be finished for the last week of school.


So, a flurry of sewing, quilting and binding later, here is a quilt!


It is a simple checkerboard using 2-1/2″ squares.  Inner and outer borders are 1-1/2″ and the center border is also 2-1/2″ squares.  The quilt finishes at 50″ x 70″.


I mostly used several 2-1/2″ mini charm packs, plus a few 5″ charm packs cut into quarters.  Just open them up, toss in a basket like a salad, grab and sew.


Glad to have it finished.  I plan to gift it on May 25.  It seems a long ways away.