Green Crumb Quilt COMPLETE

I am so pleased at the way this quilt turned out.

Crumb piecing was mostly new for me and I got braver and more creative as it went along, but the blocks seem to blend together pretty well.

THIS TUTORIAL helped with the tilted setting.

The quilt finishes at 55″ square.

A Lot Going On

Well, at least there is a lot going on everywhere except in the sewing room. The last month of school is always a busy. Good busy. But very busy.

So, not a lot of sewing. But a little binding. I want to finish the green crumb quilt by the end of the week.

With summer coming on it will be nice to spend hot afternoons in my cool basement room stitching up some fun.

Green Update

The green crumb quilt is moving along.

I have completed 25 blocks and am really pleased with how they look.

Given the inspiration, art murals created by our art teacher and kindergarten-grade 5 students at school, I decided on a low volume print for the setting and a “tilted” look.

Those are all coming together.

I hope to start assembly by this weekend.

That New Project: Green Growing

A little while ago I shared pictures of a new idea.

Now I have a picture of progress.

I have never made crumb blocks before, but I am (mostly) enjoying the process. Getting the pieces to end up the “right” size isn’t as easy as it looks, but I am working along and learning as I go.

There are numerous tutorials out there, but it seems that it is most productive to just “give it a go” and learn while creating.

I’ll keep you posted…