Denim #6

This is for Sparkle Jane, my daughter.


It is different–more subtle and icy than my usual brights. But I really like it.


Front and back.


And even the quilting.  My second attempt at freemotion.  I was trying to make a design that felt a little like wind and a little like stars.  I am not sure I captured that, but I like it anyway.


This is the end of my denim goal for the year.  A total of six quilts.  Whew!

Four In A Weekend

I rarely sit down to watch television or even a movie.  So, when the necessity of a lot of sitting and watching comes along, it really helps for me to have something to keep my hands busy and me awake.  Perhaps it is only me, but too often when I sit quietly for any length of time I am fast asleep, but I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to listen (GENERAL CONFERENCE).


So, I prepared and saved quilts to bind.  It is the perfect activity–nearly mindless and allowing me to pay attention.

In a single weekend I was able to bind FOUR quilts–the four denim quilts intended for my brother’s children this Christmas.


They were all quilted by Tara, probably some of the last “simple” quilts that I will send out to be quilted.  She did a great job, as usual.

What a successful weekend!  Full hands and a full heart–here is one favorite thought from the broadcast that stuck with me:

Elder Jose L. Alonso

Denim #5

This denim quilt, made from my father’s old work jeans, is for Young Son.  Again, the inspiration comes from the book “All About Strips” by Susan Guzman.


The sashing is composed of 2-1/2″ squares, rather than strips.  I like the scrappy look and am going to use a similar technique on the quilt planned for Daughter.


Can you tell I am really enjoying having more time to sew this summer?!  It isn’t QUITE all that I do, but sewing is happening every day.

Four For Four

The last of the four denim quilt tops for my brother’s four children is complete.


It is hard to photograph four largish quilts alone.  The pictures are not a great success, but the quilts are…I hope.

Off to the quilters soon.  I will not try to home quilt, hand quilt or even tie heavy denim.  See what a wimp I am?!


Two more quilts are in the works for Young Son and Daughter.  They will be a while coming as I need to get more jeans cut into denim first.  Plus, I think I need a break from denim for a while.  Plenty of other projects to work on.

Jeans Quilts: Parts 2 and 3

My brother is the husband of one amazing woman and the father of three boys and 1 girl. In that order.


The three boys are all getting quilts from the Treble and Bass pattern from “All About Strips” by Susan Guzman.  Here is number 2.


The girl is getting a denim quilt, too, but using a different design.  I haven’t decided if I love it or not, but I think quilting will help give it more life.  It will be done with purple thread in an all over flower motif that matches the yellow and purple flannel back.

Fabric is pulled for number 4.

Getting there.