Final Countdown: Task Two

The challenge continues with Shelly and her Final Countdown. Did you know she has been leading quilters to success for 13 years? Now, that is a reason to celebrate!

Anyway, task two is Pick 3 easy tasks that need doing. She said it might be a little tricky, but I came up with three.

  1. Sort the Christmas fabric. That way I will be prepared and know what I really need for those After Christmas/New Year sales.
  2. Make the binding for that quilt…A friend has a wedding coming up quickly for one of her sons. She had a UFO we were able to get to a finished top in just a day. The quilt is at the quilters now and I said I would bind it for her. I am now prepared for as soon as it comes back.
  1. Clean out that one tub. It is a bit of a catch all. I have put away the things that need put away. Put a few things in the give away pile. Generally got it in better shape. YAY!

Thank you Shelly, as always.

Final Countdown: Task TWO

It is that most wonderful time of the year: The Final Countdown with Prairie Moon Quilts.

Shelley encourages readers to complete a task a day to get the old year finished right and give a good start to the new. Task two is DEAL WITH A PILE.

At first I felt quilt smug about this task.  After all, my workspace looks like this.

Ah, but UNDER the table lurks all kinds of things…See that elephant?

So, this basket is my task. How did ALL THAT fit in a laundry basket?  Inquiring minds want to know!


Some of it was just fabric or other things to put away–easy.  Some was stuff to throw away–easy.  Why did I even put it in the basket?

In the end I came out with five immediate projects (mend elephant, reusable grocery bags, wool quilt, and two partially finished inherited quilts for charity–we’ll see).  Also, two potential future projects that I set aside for now and will look at again in a few months and see if I want to do them or not.


I feel very successful!  Look for action on the “immediate projects” in the next month or so.

On to Task THREE!