May FNSI Report

I would really like a marathon Friday Night Sew In, but even with only one or two hours Friday night and a little on Saturday morning, things do get done.

Some cutting and stitching on my version of North Star State Quilt.

And the binding finished on a small donation quilt. The top is made from a charm pack that came in a hand-me-down bag a while back.

Looking forward to June already.

FNSI/National Quilting Day Report

Because life is life, I didn’t get to sew as much as I hoped for either the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) or National Quilting Day.

At first, probably because, again, life is life, I couldn’t even settle in. I cleaned. I sorted. I moved fabric around.

Finally, I decided to choose backs for a few charity baby quilt tops recently finished.

Then I worked for a while on a new baby quilt project, also for charity.

And that was about it.

But, any sewing is better than no sewing, and my room is in better shape.

FNSI Report: Alternating Blocks

My focus for the evening was the alternating blocks for my Civil War Quilt.

They are DONE! 

And laid out on my design wall bed.

Along the way, there were a few more four patches finished and tucked away with their friends.  I have 147 so far (not counting the ones mailed off to Regina).  It will take between 400 and 500 for the project I have in mind, so no one should hold their breath waiting to see something happen.

I also laid out the 1951 Hazel Ilene top to relax after being folded for a while.  Hopefully it will be the next top quilted.

So, that is my report.  What all did you get done?