All Small Week Day 4: Mouse Pincushion or Ornament

Here we are for All Small Week Again Day 4:  Mouse Pincushion.

I have been trying to get rid of mice around here, but the scratching, chewing, pooping mice just aren’t as cute as this one.

Who could resist a mouse pincushion?  Or ornament?  THIS TUTORIAL seemed simple enough…It turned out larger than I expected, and required more hand-sewing than I regularly do.

I changed the directions around a bit, using this textured grey linen scrap rather than felt and machine sewing when I could–the tail, around the ears and the large body seam.  The top half is stuffed with fiberfil and the bottom with crushed walnut shell, which I poured in to the very last stitching space using a funnel.  It has a nice weight and stands up easily on its own. If you wanted to make an ornament, just add a hanger and use all fiberfil.

It is definitely charming.  For a mouse.

Come back tomorrow for the exciting finale:  Day 5.

PS–Here is the complete link: