Another Small Wedding Gift

Sparkle Jane also wanted to make a gift.  After all, the bride is her best friend. The color contrast between the house and the inner border doesn’t show very well in these pictures, but it works in real life.

A personalized pillow seemed perfect.


She does very fine embroidery work.  Remember, the entire door is only about 2″ tall.


I hope they will enjoy it in their new home.

Small Something #4: Matching Pillows

The Heritage Stars quilt generated a number of “waste” triangles that didn’t want to go to waste.IMG_3479

So I made pillows instead. Matchy-matchy, but hopefully in a good way.IMG_3479

No tutorial…I just trimmed the Half-square triangles to a standard size (in this case, 2-1/2″) and fiddled around with layout options.  I hope he is pleased.

A Housewarming Finish

My search for small, satisfying projects led me to a few small cross stitch kits that I finished some time ago (measured in years). They came with those round plastic frames…not really my style. And, they were only intended to be 5″ across. While I liked them well enough to finish them, I wasn’t sure what to do with them when they were finished. So, they sat.


Until, as part of my cleaning spree, I went through the drawer of needlecraft things.  We won’t discuss here the partially finished projects languishing there.  We will instead speak cheerfully of finally finding a finish for these.

My friend Nicole recently moved to a new home.  Very exciting.  I wanted to give her something for this fresh start in life.


By adding a little patchwork, those stitcheries became this pillow cover. The pieced blocks are the Go-Along Star #1 block from Quilters Cache.  No symbolism;  I just liked the way they looked. They were supposed to be 6-1/2″ unfinished. Mine were 6-1/4″. Don’t really know what happened. But, I just adjusted the sashing to make things fit.


I delivered the pillow tonight.


I felt very welcome visiting her home.  Even in the pressure of moving and sorting she had time to be gracious and say that a new pillow was just what she needed. Friends are the best!  And, I get to count those little things finished.