Trek Outfit #2

Here is Daughter’s second pioneer trek outfit.  We know real pioneers crossed the plains with only one outfit, but it takes at least two for a modern pioneer to take a three day trip.


This is another $4 combination:  the skirt is a thrift store makeover for $3; the top was 50-cents at a garage sale this past weekend; the apron and bonnet are again donated fabric from my big pile of junk.  I did, however, have to buy some more interfacing.  That was about another 50-cents.

I will share pictures of her all dressed up sometime soon.


Trek Outfit #1

We continue to prepare for the pioneer trek.  It is traditional to wear period-suggestive (not period authentic) clothing.  We’re glad the pioneers were tough, but I am grateful for modern sewing machines, elastic and, when on the trail, tennis shoes.

Truly, the dressing up is part of the fun and really helps you get in the spirit.

Here is Daughter’s first complete outfit.


The shirt came from a yard sale, but it is Eddie Bauer linen (AND, a terrific color).  The skirt came from the thrift store.  It was a size much-larger-than-Daughter, but we took in the waistband and it is nice and full now.  The apron and bonnet are hand-me-down pieces from the fabric stash.  I really like the eyelet.  Total cost:  $4.
All pioneers should be comely and thrifty, don’t you think?