Potholders Make Quick Gifts

I needed a quick gift and a potholder seemed like a good idea. Plus, there was only a little of this cute sewing fabric.

You can use THIS tutorial, or just start with any 8″ block. I really like sawtooth stars.

And, before you know it, there is a gift. YAY!

Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

As I said, maybe I am the last person on the planet to know about this, but just in case…

Crochet Pot Holder Tutorial

Materials Needed:

Small ball cotton yarn (I used Sugar and Cream 2.5oz)

Crochet Hook (I used Size G)



1. Chain 40 stitches.

2. Insert hook one stitch from end and single crochet to the other end, picking up a single loop for each stitch.

3. When you get to the end, keep going.  Wrap around the original chain, picking up the other loop.

4. Now go around and around and around…. You will notice that it starts to bend or form a shape at the end.  Push it down.  Note: it’s a triangle.

5.  Keep going until the triangle meets in the middle, about 20 rounds.

6. Slip stitch across to the opposite corner.

7.  Chain stitch 10 to form a loop, if you wish.

8. Tie off very firmly.

9. Ta-dah.  A pot holder/trivit thingy.  My friend uses them to scrub and shine her car.  Very multi-purpose.  Very addicting.  You may find yourself distracted.

NOTES AND DISCLAIMERS:  1. I am not a great crocheter or crochet teacher.  2. This tutorial does assume some basic crochet knowledge. 3. I am left-handed.  Excuse the pictures looking odd to you right-handed types. 4. Please, let me know if things are unusually unclear or if I have left anything out.  This seems to work for me, but I may have taken a leap and forgotten to ask you along. 5. Have fun!  I have.