Another Scrap Project: Binding

I have a bag (upper left of picture) that I have used to store batting scraps for a long time. I would, from time to time, use some of the scraps, but they definitely accumulated faster than they were used. Then, Daughter started her scrappy sewing group, and more scraps came in.

One day she declared that “It was time.”

We dumped out all the scraps and sorted them by color.

Then, assembled them into prepared binding and wrapped those around bolt boards, pinned and labeled with their length. Amazing how much more we are inclined to use them since they are organized and look so nice!

And, it is a good use of fabric! On the boards right now there is about 8065 inched of binding. That is about 672 feet, or two American football fields, with a field goal left over (224 yards). About 12.6 yards of uncut fabric. Totally worth the time to organize and put it together.