A Small Finish (And A Little About Labels)

This is the first of four quilts that were quilted Friday morning.


It was made from cut-offs or waste triangles a few months ago.


Now–a finish.  Husband would put it in the category of Useless Quilted Object.  And I am OK with that.  At about 18″x24″ it could be a doll quilt, or maybe a wall hanging….But some things just exist to exist, and I am OK with that.


A while back one of you asked about how I label quilts.  True confessions:  NOT VERY WELL.  My standard label is a 3″ square folded diagonally and stitched to the back of the quilt along with the binding.  Name, date, location–that is about it.  Sometimes I will also include the name of the recipient, if known at the time of the finish.  Basic, but better than not labeling, which is probably what would happen if I tried to get fancy.