Denim #6

This is for Sparkle Jane, my daughter.


It is different–more subtle and icy than my usual brights. But I really like it.


Front and back.


And even the quilting.  My second attempt at freemotion.  I was trying to make a design that felt a little like wind and a little like stars.  I am not sure I captured that, but I like it anyway.


This is the end of my denim goal for the year.  A total of six quilts.  Whew!

Another “Waste” Option

At least I can remember where these waste triangles came from.  It is the Construction Quilt I finished recently.


The waste triangles became 9 pinwheels.


That formed the center of this spontaneous medallion style quilt.  It is another little one–just 35″ square.


But, it was interesting to work on and mathematically challenging.  Sometimes it is fun to try something just for the sake of seeing what it will look like.  This was kind of like that!

Waste Not


In some cleaning and sorting I came across yet another bag/pile (this makes three) of waste triangles I had saved to do SOMETHING with.

This time I was determined to turn them into a project or to get rid of them.

And I couldn’t get rid of them.


It is just a little thing–about 21″ x 26″.

The large pieces started as 3-1/2″ HST and the smaller ones as 2″ HST.  Convenient how they fit together.  I did have to make 2 more large size and about 6 more small ones to get to this size, but it wasn’t bad.  And I do like it.

Now it just needs quilting.  I already have a back and (scrappy) binding prepared.


Working with waste triangles is fun and fast.  As soon as you start you are halfway finished since most of the cutting and piecing are already done.

And they are very satisfying–turning the “waste” into something wanted.

Sparkle Jane’s Crayola Quilt

My daughter, Sparkle Jane, also created a Crayola Quilt for donation.


This is the Sidewalk Quilt pattern by Pippa Patchwork.


Just simple squares with a geometric all-over quilting design using variegated thread.


The stripey binding and the polka dot back are what really makes it special.  Yay for Sparkle Jane!

Irish Star Quiltalong: Progress Update

Many of you reported on your progress, and some sent pictures.

Neralie (a beautiful name) in Australia has already finished a small one!  And she has another planned.  It took my breath away to see one finished.  Amazing!


Ruth has been cutting and cutting–two days worth.  Her color scheme is so pretty!

Meloney is sewing blocks–she has 46 of 81 chain blocks complete.  Her color scheme is very controlled and will be striking.

P1010404Randy’s also has controlled colors…and she has a very nice design wall.


Claire created this solids-only beauty at her Fall Retreat using 3-inch squares.  It finished at 45″ x 45″.

NW Irish Star 1

And here is part of Mel’s–looking good on her design wall.  Even with such a tight color scheme, it is anything but boring!

If I missed your picture, I’m sorry.  Don’t be afraid to point it out and I will try again.

Now, back to sewing!

A Few Small Things–FINISHED

The three baby quilts I was working on for the past month or so are now FINISHED!

All three were quilted on Friday, bound Saturday/Sunday and will soon be with the intended owners–my parents–for future gifting.

I feel very successful.

First up is Construction. It is based on a FREE pattern found HERE:

Second is Floating Stars.  It is based on 4″ squares with the contrasting stars scattered here and there.  Nothing fancy, but I really like the colors and simplicity coordinated with the backing.

And, to wrap up this batch, Cars.  Thanks to Sew Fresh Quilts for their darling design ideas–the pattern is for sale HERE:

SO, unless a baby pops out unexpectedly, I think that is all my baby quilts for the year.  My goal was 10 and this is a total of 11.  YAY!