Crayola Geese

The Crayola quilt for charity is complete.


It is my fourth attempt at long arm quilting.  And you can tell.  My lines aren’t confident and some of my points are loopy, but practice is the only way to learn.

DSC00744I do like the layout and the challenge of working with the fabric as it came.  The variety of grey background fabric gives it some texture and the pieced border makes me happy, too.


Overall, I call it a success…isn’t that a synonym for a-project-that-I-learned-from-and-is-now-finished?

Quasar, At Last

This quilt started a LONG time ago, with a block tutorial designed in…2011.

(‘Cause the link doesn’t work sometimes, for some reason:  )


Well, with much thanks to Linda  for the quilting, it is a quilt at last.


This is definitely a step in a new direction for me, both in color and design–asymmetrical, funky and FINISHED!


Finished feels good.

Pinwheel Construction

So many of you asked after the pattern for the pinwheel quilt.


Just to lead you further into temptation, here is the finished top.  Nine blocks resized to 12″ each.  The original pattern is based on 16″ blocks and can be found HERE:


The resize wasn’t too hard.  Just as a hint, the small squares start out at 2″ each.


I hope you will enjoy making one of your own.  This one should be a finished quilt in a week or so and I’ll share the final product then.

A Few Small Things

My current projects are a few baby quilts, part of the several I am making for my mother to have on hand.


Here is a finished top, based on 4″ squares.


And the back, to make the colors make more sense–I think it has a vintige-y, outdoors-y feeling.


Here is the second one, or, rather, two of the nine blocks.


They are part of this stack of pieces, intended to go with the backing of tools and construction equipment.


And there are these little pieces of leftovers I am going to do something with.  Later on.


And finally this one, which is just a pile of scraps and ideas at the moment, but it will involve cars when it is finished.

Baby quilts are fun because they are quick and low risk.  Even if you don’t find that you love an idea, it is easy to push towards a finish knowing that you won’t have to suffer very long.  And, sometimes, you discover something you really love and can do again later on a larger scale.

I hope to have all of these small things finished by the end of the month, at least to the flimsy stage.


Irish Stars: Check In

How is your Irish Stars quilt coming along?


Mine is…coming…slowly.  But, I knew it would.  One does not finish 361 blocks in a day, or even a week, or even a year.  I am at 82 blocks, and loving every one of them.  It is very satisfying to see my small stack grow larger.

Anyway, please feel free to comment below or to send pictures (weddingdressblue at gmail dot com).  I will share all pictures received in a post early next week so we can continue to cheer each other on.

Remember:  NOT A RACE.  Just like-minded people sewing along together.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Four In A Weekend

I rarely sit down to watch television or even a movie.  So, when the necessity of a lot of sitting and watching comes along, it really helps for me to have something to keep my hands busy and me awake.  Perhaps it is only me, but too often when I sit quietly for any length of time I am fast asleep, but I didn’t want to be.  I wanted to listen (GENERAL CONFERENCE).


So, I prepared and saved quilts to bind.  It is the perfect activity–nearly mindless and allowing me to pay attention.

In a single weekend I was able to bind FOUR quilts–the four denim quilts intended for my brother’s children this Christmas.


They were all quilted by Tara, probably some of the last “simple” quilts that I will send out to be quilted.  She did a great job, as usual.

What a successful weekend!  Full hands and a full heart–here is one favorite thought from the broadcast that stuck with me:

Elder Jose L. Alonso