Potential Projects

A section of my shelving is devoted to Potential Projects. Most often these come as groups of scraps in hand-me-down bags, or even partially finished projects.

And I have a lot of them.

So many, in fact, that I am going to take one bag or pile each month and decide to either make it into a project, or put the fabric back into regular circulation, or even just get rid of it.

This is the first pile.

And this is the first idea of what to do with it. Hmm…should be interesting.

Show And Tell Time!

I love Show and Tell time!  Readers are so kind to share their progress and projects based on WeddingDressBlue tutorials.  Keep them coming!

Here is a lovely (and breezy) version of Growing Up Odd.  About time for me to make another one of those!  She used 2-1/2″ squares and the quilt finished at approximately 100″.  I love the blue sashing.


Here is a Twinkle Baby that Judy made and donated as a comfort quilt.  Such wonderful colors! Don’t the twinkl-y star points make you smile?!


Ellen wrote: This started out as part of our church Christmas program.  I made squares for each of our kids to present a blanket to baby Jesus.  I then decided I should make something productive out of them since I had that many done.  This will fit on a king size bed and I am giving to Gigi’s Playhouse to auction off at our annual gala.

What a lovely result!  I am trying to decide how I could incorporate a similar idea in my classroom.

RAndy shared the Irish Stars pattern with her guild in Maine, and has sparked a whole new series of quilts there.  Thanks for sharing!  Here is her version.  So striking!

Dominique shared her Fading Charms Quilt made using 3-1/2″ squares.  She is hand quilting this beauty!

fading charm 2020.jpg

Sheila created a Whimsically Growing Up Odd with a border.  The color coordination gives it a whole new look. Nice!

Meg has made several WeddingDressBlue patterns and shared her Starring Baby quilt this time.


You can find all WeddingDressBlue tutorials in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Feel free to make and share.  Thank you for your kindness and support!


UFO Giveaway Announcement

Last week WeddingDressBlue sponsored a 6-part giveaway of UFO projects.  So much fun!

So far have heard back from three of the winners.  It is possible, given some problems I have noticed with my e-mail lately, that the announcements to the other winners have gone to Spam Folders or something similar.  Anyway, if you are one of the other winners, or know how to get a hold of the other winners, please let me know.  If I do not hear back, I will select new winners this week and get the prizes in the mail.

UFO Giveaway #1: Dollhouse Quilt Kit.  I HAVE NOT heard yet from Collettia.

UFO Giveaway #2:  Home is Where the Heart is Quilt Kit.  I HAVE NOT heard yet from Luann Leaders.

New-FO Giveaway #3:  Patterns.  CONGRATULATIONS to Cindy.  Yours is on the way.

UFO Giveaway #4: Scraps, Blocks and Yardage.  CONGRATULATIONS to Terri.  Yours is on the way.

UFO Giveaway #5: Hoys Tree Farm Quilt Kit.  I HAVE NOT heard yet from Barbara Gaddy.

UFO Giveaway #6. Cardinal in the Pines Quilt Kit.  CONGRATULATIONS to Stitcher!

In the process of all this, I learned that MY email is sending a large number of comments to Spam since sometime about mid-November.  If you haven’t heard from me, that might be why.  I hope I have it straightened out and will be able to sit down and reply to your kind wishes next week once classes are out and I have some breathing space.  Happy Holidays!

Three Projects Pulled

During my break I have been tidying up the sewing space.  As I reviewed and sorted, three projects threw themselves in front of me and practically begged to be quilts.


Who am I to refuse?


So, I have three piles of mostly pre-cut scraps that are going to be quilts.  I even have backs for two of them already chosen:  One Hundred Hugs baby quilt, and two from a new pattern I was fortunate to win from Prairie Moon Quilts called Charleston Pavement.  Take a look!  Hundred Hugs is in the TUTORIALS tab above, and you can get your own Charleston Pavement HERE as PRINT or PDF.

So many ideas, so little time!


Messing Around With Scraps

A bag of pieces-parts came from somewhere.  (I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember.)  They have been sitting around for way too long.


So I dumped them out and started to sort.

Hmm…what can I do with these?

Still not sure what I am doing, but something is happening…better than having them stuffed in that sack.


Seeing Stars Quiltalong: Three BIG Blocks

The first blocks of the Seeing Stars quilt-along came out this week:  24″ Double Star Block.  DSC01187

People will sometimes comment that they are surprised I can work with such small pieces.  Actually, the challenge this week was working with such LARGE pieces.  It has been a long time.  When working across long seams and big pieces things like direction of grain and  pinning become much more important.

Also, my thanks to Melissa for a great tip this week.  Check out her post and see how she pins pieces to help her flying geese be more precise.  It really makes a difference.

I am happy with the results so far and can hardly wait until Wednesday and the next challenge.

Show And Tell Time

Seeing quilts makes me happy…that is why I share tutorials and ideas here in the first place.

And many of my readers very kindly share their creations to add to the quilting happiness in the world.

Patricia made this Twinkle Baby quilt for her grandson.


Maryann created a Hundred Patch way back in 2014, but I didn’t post the picture correctly.  Here it is at long last for your viewing pleasure.


Here’s another Hundred Patch, this one created by Karen.  I never get tired of seeing them.

Susan has finished her Desert (Calico) Rose quilt.  Including the binding that never seems to end.  I love it!

Karen made a LARGE (King Size) version of Film at Five.

film at five

Paula has been handing out hugs by the hundreds–TWO Hundred Hugs quilts.  So happy!



Carol made a K-Quilt.  She said she gets lots of compliments on it and I believe her!


Tutorials for all of these quilts can be found in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Have fun!  Keep quilting!  Share more pictures!



Currently I have two projects in progress that have alternating blocks.

First is the Sew Splendid Sampler quilt.  I stitched along, sort of.  Mostly I just did the pieced blocks, but I also added a few ideas of my own.  I knew I wanted a quilt at least throw size and the only way seemed to be to use alternating blocks.  So, the block I shared recently is my alternating idea.  This is how it looks laid out with the pieced blocks.

DSC00385The whole thing is a little  different for me.  I found myself with an abundance of 1930s reproduction fabrics and thought to use them on this quilt since it was all an experiment.  I don’t hate it, but I am not as confident in this range.

Next is the Jolly Christmas Quiltalong.  Again, I have mostly stitched along, but also added some outside blocks.  Again, I want a larger quilt, so I used her Poinsettia Block, slightly modified, as an alternating motif.  I plan to use sashing (color not determined) and gold cornerstones to extend the Irish chain effect.


I like this one more, but I am concerned that the alternating blocks are taking center stage because of their bold design.

So many of my finishes lately have been quilts I wasn’t quite sure of.  That isn’t a bad thing, though.  Hopefully it means I am still learning and growing as a quilter. If you never try something that makes you at least a little uncomfortable, you aren’t going anywhere new.