Homemade Wool Pressing Mat

Years ago Husband cut up a moth-eaten antique Hudson Bay wool blanket to make a coat for trips and activities with his Boy Scouts. Some people might have considered that sacrilege, but it was never going to be used as a blanket.

For some reason, I saved the scraps.

Lately I have been looking at the wool pressing mats and considering whether or not I really needed one, when those scraps came to mind…Did I still have them?

YES! So into the wash they went. And they came out in good shape.

I trimmed edges smooth and square.

And stitched together by butting the pieces and using a large zig zag stitch, like a person would use to join batting scraps.

Wide single fold bias tape finished the edges and holds together the two layers. I trust that use will get them comfortable staying in place.

Ta-dah! It is 12-1/2″ square and about 3/8″ thick when pressed down, but I am pretty sure it is thick enough. At least my first tries at pressing look nice and flat. And there is enough left to make another one 10-1/2″ square for Daughter. I think you could do the same with multiple layers of any good wool.