All Small Week Again Day 3: Slippers

Welcome to Day 3 of All Small Week Again.  Today featuring slippers.

Here are my old slippers, a Christmas gift from Daughter a few years ago.  You can tell they have been loved.

It was time for a new pair of slippers. When I came across THIS TUTORIAL, I was ready to give it a try.  It is cold here!

It is a great tutorial.  She uses flannel and minkee.  I used fleece.  Also, the slippers are lined with quilt batt scrap for warmth and comfort. Genius!  I have a lot of quilt batt pieces around.

I did not add the insoles or stitch around the top and include elastic.  My feet are fat enough to hold the slippers on.  Next time I will take the time for the elastic.  Yes, there will be a next time.  This pattern is worth doing again. Slippers in an hour.  What a deal!

Tomorrow is Day 4.  HINT:  Mouse related.

PS–Here is the full link:

REVIEW: Harvest Sky Pattern

Some of you have followed the progress of the Harvest Sky quilt.

So, after using the pattern, here are my thoughts:

1. Great directions!  She guides you through cutting, building components and assembling blocks with precision.

2. The pattern makes one size quilt, about a twin size, but could be easily changed up.  Just make a few more of each block.  In my case I wanted a large throw and left off borders.

3. Squaring up isn’t my favorite, but it does improve results.  Some of the components are to be squared up to a certain size.  Don’t skip this step.  It produces puckers.  It takes longer to rip it out than it does to do it right the first time.

4.  Scrappy love!  This is a great scrap quilt pattern.  Sometimes it is nice when you can just cut all your scraps to a particular size, say, 5-inch squares,  and go for it.  But, the pile I started with this time would have had a lot of waste.  If you have a variety of scrap sizes, this is a really good pattern to use.

So, all in all, I really like the pattern.  It is a keeper and you might expect to see another Harvest Sky quilt here in the future.  The designer, Emily Bailey, is a Utah girl, so I don’t know if her patterns, Aunt Em’s Quilts, are available in your area, but you can check them out on her blog/website:  Em’s Scrapbag.

Save the Scraps by Gayle Bong

I am looking like a liar because I said I don’t buy patterns and here I am blogging about patterns again.  BUT, to be fair, I didn’t buy this one.

I won it.

Yay me!  Yay Gayle Bong!

She had a giveaway on her blog Gayle Bong Quilts Too and I was a lucky winner of her book Save the Scraps.

She even autographed it for me.  I feel very special.

The 15 patterns included in the book are more than worth the purchase price, but, perhaps the best part is the introduction, where she gives tips, hints and instructions for scrap management.  She makes it sound easy and fun. 

The book is generously illustrated in color and there is a suggested quilting diagram for each project (I hate it when they say “quilt as desired” or “quilt using your favorite technique.”)

Hmmm….where shall I start?

OK, better said: What shall I make AFTER I get my scrap  mess sorted and tamed?

Maybe Shimmer and Shine, which you will swear is paper pieced, but isn’t!  What a trick!

Thanks, Gayle