Sampler Assembled

The sort-of-Splendid Sampler is assembled.


Fifty pieced blocks–2 each of 25 different designs–and 49 alternating blocks.


How can I choose a favorite?


Right now it is 54″ x 66″, but all of your input on borders has been very helpful and that is next.  Hopefully a finished top some time next week.


Well, Now What?

Like many in the quilting world, I jumped on the Sew Splendid Sampler bandwagon last year.  I knew I wasn’t going to make the quilt as designed, because all I was really interested in was the pieced blocks.  And I had a box of 30s reproduction scraps that were begging to be played with. So, I started.  Then decided to make two of each blocks.  Then found some other blocks that I liked.  Then experimented with alternating blocks and designed one of those that seemed to work.  Then…


Well, now what?

There are 50 feature block (2 each of 25 different designs) and 49 alternating blocks.  The quilt as is will finish at 54″ x 66″.  Not too small, but not really bed-big.

I don’t think I want to make more blocks, but I am not in favor of just putting slabs of fabric on as borders.  Leave it alone?  Pieced borders?  Let it simmer and start a new project? (don’t laugh too loud, you know you have done that)

The black print in the Irish chain blocks will probably be the binding.