Small Someday #3: College Gear

I had these batik scraps.  And, they “happened” (If you believe in such things) to be for the college Sparkle Jane is attending this fall.

Time to make something.

In this case, two somethings.

Just a tissue holder (tutorial HERE) and a little clutch purse (tutorial HERE).

Neither of them was difficult, and the tissue holder took just a few minutes.  I think they would make cute gifts for any friend, but especially for quilting friends.


Small Someday #2: Decisions and Assembly

The pieced columns were assembled fairly quickly and the next decision was the vertical sashing between–what color to choose?  Brown?  Purple (unlikely but interesting)? Green?  DSC01161

Green won!DSC01163

It didn’t take long to turn all those columns into a quilt top.  DSC01180I like the few fussy cut pieces and feel that most of the “added” fabric works.DSC01182

Next steps are to create the backing (must use those last few scraps) and choose a binding.DSC01181

The top is based on 2-1/2″ squares with the light sashing at 1″ FINISHED and the green at 2″ finished.  It is 36″ x 36″ in all.

Blocks Complete

All the blocks on Heritage Stars are done!


Yes, you are looking at my “design bed.”  But, there has to be a safe place for quilts to rest while they are works in progress.  It seems appropriate to give them a taste of their future lives.

Creating it left a number of “waste triangles” that I am making plans for–maybe a couple of pillows to match?DSC01149

Anyway, assembly and three borders next.


Small Log Cabin Finish

The small log cabin quilt is a finish.DSC01146

It started as a bag of strips and leftovers that felt like they really wanted to be a quilt.DSC01147

At 32″ square it is a good size for a decoration, and that is exactly what it has become.  DSC01148

A friend was around while I was binding it and she complimented it again and again–such pretty colors, so cheerful, anyone would love it.  So, when it was done I dropped it off at her house.DSC01145

I only made it to see what it looked like and am glad it has found a place where it will be loved.

Small Someday #1: Potholders

These potholders started as the small leftover scraps from the Food Scraps quilt completed earlier this year.

There wasn’t much, but there was enough for potholders.


I started with a 9″x9″ foundation piece and just choose a layout that I liked.  Add a few pieces, iron open, trim threads, repeat.


Then trim it down to size–8-1/2″ square. Layer with a piece of cotton batting, a piece of insulbrite, back and top. Simple wavy quilting.



Bind (I use 2-1/2″ strips for these because they are a little thicker).


Ta-dah!  Potholders.

I feel successful and the scraps are much happier used than hidden away.  My goal is to do one small project each week or so for a while.  Now I need to go dig through the piles and choose the next one.

Scrap Batting

My batting scraps were completely out of hand.  So, I sorted them into piles by type.  Whoa!  That is quite a few piles.


About 2 hours later I had quilt batts created and set aside for 6 quilts waiting to be quilted.  (There are really 8 waiting, but the other two are so large they need specific batting purchased.)


And quilt batts made and stored for 6 more quilts–two throws and 4 baby quilts.

A single grocery sack-full is left of very small scraps that will go the school art department for the students to imagine with.

Not much stitching today, but I still feel very successful.

If you want information on turning your scraps into usable batts, you might want to check out a few tutorials like these: