Show And Tell Time!

I love Show and Tell time!  Readers are so kind to share their progress and projects based on WeddingDressBlue tutorials.  Keep them coming!

Here is a lovely (and breezy) version of Growing Up Odd.  About time for me to make another one of those!  She used 2-1/2″ squares and the quilt finished at approximately 100″.  I love the blue sashing.


Here is a Twinkle Baby that Judy made and donated as a comfort quilt.  Such wonderful colors! Don’t the twinkl-y star points make you smile?!


Ellen wrote: This started out as part of our church Christmas program.  I made squares for each of our kids to present a blanket to baby Jesus.  I then decided I should make something productive out of them since I had that many done.  This will fit on a king size bed and I am giving to Gigi’s Playhouse to auction off at our annual gala.

What a lovely result!  I am trying to decide how I could incorporate a similar idea in my classroom.

RAndy shared the Irish Stars pattern with her guild in Maine, and has sparked a whole new series of quilts there.  Thanks for sharing!  Here is her version.  So striking!

Dominique shared her Fading Charms Quilt made using 3-1/2″ squares.  She is hand quilting this beauty!

fading charm 2020.jpg

Sheila created a Whimsically Growing Up Odd with a border.  The color coordination gives it a whole new look. Nice!

Meg has made several WeddingDressBlue patterns and shared her Starring Baby quilt this time.


You can find all WeddingDressBlue tutorials in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Feel free to make and share.  Thank you for your kindness and support!


Show And Tell Time

I love it when readers share their successes with WeddingDressBlue tutorials.  Thank you for taking the time to visit, make comments, share pictures and all that stuff.

Marcia finished a Film at Five quilt using a lot of scraps and fabrics she had on hand.  She calls some of the fabric “old and ugly.”  If that is true, how did she make such a beautiful quilt?!

Yvonne made this lovely Cross My Heart quilt.  Great use of color!


Here is a Hundred Patch quilt that turned into so much more–4560 patches, in fact.  Janell did a great job!


Beatrice made a Film at Five quilt for her guild’s We Care program. She says, “I used 1 1/2″ scraps as a leaders and enders project. Somehow I still have a ton of scraps, so I will have to make a few more :)”

Film at FiveFilm at Five Detail 1

Marta in Italy created two Hundred Hugs quilts–one simplified because babies get here when they get here. 🙂  I love them both!




Show And Tell–That Happy Time

Seeing your projects made using WeddingDressBlue tutorials makes me very happy.  So happy, in fact, I share the pictures with all my readers.  Which encourages them to make more projects.  Which they share with me.  Which makes me happy again.  Yep, this entire blog is a conspiracy of quilting and happiness!

Here is a striking version created by Charlene of Calico Rose using black background fabric.  It makes the “arrow” secondary pattern show up much more, don’t you think?   I like the piano key border, too.

black calico rose.jpg

Moira built this nice variation on Build-A-Baby.  I like the corners.


Linda has a finished Calico Rose top, too. She conquered those borders!


I am particularly honored that Gaby chose Hundred Hugs as her very first quilt.  She is off to a great start in the joyful world of quilting.


Bonnie’s Calico Rose is FINALLY (her words, not mine) finished.  She did a nice job and is waiting for the next quilt along.  I really need to get one put together.

Calico rose 2

Yvonne is working along on a Film at Five.  It started out to be a baby quilt, but just kept growing.  She is using all black in the “filmstrip” sashing.


And, finally, Martha has been stitching away.  She shared three quilts:  Calico Rose, Film at Five and Stutter Steps.  All darling baby-size versions.




Thank you all for sharing and for supporting WeddingDressBlue.  I have been very quiet lately, but I am on Spring Break this week and have several things I hope to show you soon.  In the meantime, you all keep sewing for me!


Show And Tell Again

I hope you don’t get tired of these posts, because I don’t.  I love to see what you are all creating from WeddingDressBlue designs.

Here is an amazing modification of Film at Five.  Elaine searched out movie/film related fabrics and created this treasure for a cinematic young man in her life.


Mary in Michigan has been sewing up a storm lately.  She has created a Stutter Steps quilt (love the pastel with grey)..

baby q's, granny sq afghan 001

And TWO versions of the quilt I called Another Little One (asymmetrical HST quilt) for her new great granddaughters.  Plus a dolly quilt for big sister.  Pink perfection!

baby q's, granny sq afghan 007

Lauren built this pretty Hundred Hugs in just a few days–and then rewarded herself for that diligence with…more fabric!


This is one of Jenn’s Hundred Patch quilts.  Why not make two while you’re at it!


Claire finished her Fading Charms quilt–the green sashing is so striking!

A Fading Charms

My thanks to you all for supporting WeddingDressBlue and for sharing your work with me.  It makes me happy!

Links to all tutorials can be found at the top of this page under the TUTORIALS tab.  Go and visit for more inspiration and, please, keep those stories and pictures coming.

Show and Tell Time

It has been too long since I shared some of the projects readers have been sharing with me.

Take a look and be inspired.

Here is a Film at Five from Jane. The photo was taken
on the beach at Lake Pend, Oreille, Idaho during her camping
trip where she finished stitching down the binding. This was a
wedding gift. Lucky couple!


Judy made a Film at Five, too.  This one with a light grey background and meander quilting.


Another Film at Five, this time from Sandra in Switzerland.  Very scrappy-happy!

Scrappy Film Quilt

Nora built a cheerful Twinkle Baby quilt.

201407 069

Cathy made a Fading Charms quilt.  She had the scraps (don’t we all) and said this was the perfect project to use up a bunch of them. I love her crosshatch quilting.


For Julie it was all about babies and all about pink.  She made a pair of quilts–one Starring Baby and one Twinkle Baby.  So sweet!  She said the tutorials were ” quick and easy to follow and went together like a dream.”  I am always glad to hear that!


 Kathy in Maine made an all-from-scraps Super Stars quilt.  I like the colored sashing she choose.


Wow! You have all been busy.  It inspires me to get back in the sewing room and get serious!  Thank you for sharing.

Tutorials for all of these quilts and more are found in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of this page.  Enjoy!  and keep those pictures coming.

Show And Tell Time

Ah, that happy time again when we get to rejoice over the lovely work you lovely people are making with WeddingDressBlue tutorials.

First up today is Susan, with her String Twist variations.


Not just one, but two!


Carolyn made a Hundred Hugs quilt.  Very Pretty quilting!

Linda made a Film at Five with black sashing.

2013-11-03 16.09.31 2013-11-03 09.14.07Debbie made a Film at Five, too, using 2″ squares.  Hers has light sashing  and coordinated navy and green “cornerstones” throughout.  Really makes those blocks shine!


And Jennifer has made three Film at Five quilts–so far!  The first is a variation sized to 16-patches in the centers.  When that threw off the math, she improvised and came up with this setting option.  I like it!


And, then she made two more.  Here’s her explanation:

A’s quilt has yellow, green, pink and orange squares. B’s quilt has yellow, green, blue and purple squares. both quilts have the exact. same. yellow and green fabric, but it’s amazing how different they look. now we know what they mean when they say pinks and oranges are “warm” and purple and blues are “cool”!
Great job, Jennifer!  I can’t wait to see more…
You can find these patterns and more in the TUTORIALS tab above.  Keep those pictures coming.  They are very inspiring.

Happy Show And Tell Time

I love seeing your WeddingDressBlue projects.

Sister Mary Pat made two Hundred Hugs.  Very bright and happy!

P1080797 P1080785

Lucie, the happy quilter, made this lovely Film at Five quilt.

Film at Five aa

And, to show that great minds think alike, Melodie also selected grey sashing for her version. (LOVE her thread collection!)

austins quilt top

Lori, aka the Dakota City Quilter made Super Stars Blocks.  She is still debating on a finish and considering a larger quilt.  Go for it!

Renelle made a Fading Charms with “shirts my boys promised to love, and didn’t.”  That made me laugh!  And what a nice way to deal with a change of opinion.

2013-07-24 15.20.15

Jenny made a beautiful wall hanging based on Fading Charms and sent a story to go along with her picture:

I just wanted to share a photo of a wall hanging I made using your Fading Charms tutorial. It all came about when I found myself with many poorly cut hexagons from a failed Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. The largest salvageable piece I could consistently cut from the hexagons was 1 ½”. Several quilting buddies advised me to just toss the pieces and move on, but I couldn’t. I remembered your tutorials, took a look and realized I could make something from all my squares. After weeks of turning my hexagons into squares I began sewing and a wall hanging was born. I machine quilted it myself with a serpentine line in graduating squares from the middle four squares on out. I love how it turned out and am I look forward to making more postage stamp quilts and using more of your tutorials in the future. Thank you for sharing.

22 Grandma's Postage Stamp 07 15 13

Jenny, I LOVE it.  What a great rescue.  Thanks for sending your picture and story.

If you like what you see and want to made a WeddingDressBlue quilt yourself, check out the TUTORIALS tab at the top of the page.  And, please share when you are done.  It is so much fun to see ideas come to life.

Show And Tell Time

Readers have recently shared some finishes using WeddingDressBlue TUTORIALS.  It makes all that picture taking and instruction writing more than worth it when I see the lovely things you create.

Jules Tracey made a Film At Five quilt, the first I have seen.  She used a jelly roll of Moda fabric. Beautiful!

And here is an example of Brotherly Love by Lauren.  I love the patriotic color scheme.

She says, ” I made it for my great nephew due in Jan. I’m very happy with how it came out. Your directions were right on. His parents to be are crazy about lighthouses and I was first attracted by the title. He will be a brother but also with the blues and reds I used I think it has a nautical feel.”

And a Fading Charms quilt by Susan, donated to the American Heroes project.

Does that inspire you to get out your scraps and go to work?  It does me…I hear my machine calling!

If you make something using a WeddingDressBlue tutorial, please share.  I love to see your work.

In the meantime, if you are in the United States, enjoy your holiday.  We will have time with friends and family and that is the thing I am most grateful for.

If you haven’t had a chance to enter the Giftie Gratitude Giveaway, please check out the previous post (two previous, I guess) and put your name  in.  I’ll see you all again next week.