All Blocks Complete

I warned Husband that this was going to be a high sewing weekend. It was time to get those blocks finished!

He didn’t complain and even stepped up and did extra around the house. (You have to love a man who mops!)

And I finished the blocks. All 64 are complete. YAY!

A Trip Around The World

For some time now I have contemplated making a Trip Around the World (scrappy, of course) out of solids.  There have been some beautiful ones out there as inspiration and today (Friday) was the day.


I hauled out the solids bin and got the little pieces.  Ta-dah!  The first block.

You will notice that it is not strip pieced.  There are some scraps that will only give a single square, and I want to be able to use those also.  It might take a bit longer on the front end, but the results should be worth it.

It is based on 2″ squares and will take at least 90 blocks (depending on my ambitions) for a quilt.  But, long trips start with a single step, and that step has been taken.

Pebble Quilt Finished (Wedding Quilt #4)

It just feels like pebbles.  Well, really big pebbles.  And I have never seen blue and green pebbles…Anyway, I call it Pebbles because that is its name.


And it is finished. Mainly because it was rainy here this morning and I was able to justify a binding blitz!


I LOVE the back.  It was such a lucky find.


And the quilting went well.  Just a pantograph called Zest.

It will be sent to the bride and groom soon.


No special pattern here, just 4-/2″ squares and a four patch of 2-1/2″ squares.  But I love the look.  I also used it HERE a few years back (Very different quilt, obviously, but a good idea of how versatile it is.)


Quick (Wedding #4) Quilt

Well, this is wedding quilt #4 for the year.  And it is only June.


The daughter of a friend of Husband is getting married in July and he asked me to make a quilt.  As he supports (endures) my quilting every day, I try very hard to accommodate on the rare occasions he asks me to make something specific.

The couple have a modern/earthy look to their apartment.  Hmmm….


I hope to quilt it before the end of the month and have a finish to share then.