Indi-go Tote

This project came from the book Reinvention, which I borrowed from the local library.


I was so excited to give it a try. I still have a lot of my father’s old jeans that my mother saved for years.  And, I am happy with the results.

BUT, it was not without trial.  I don’t know about the rest of the patterns in the book, but this one had numerous errors.  The measurements were off both in cutting directions and finished sizes of components in at least 4 places.

That is too bad, because it is a great idea, but beware if you decide to give it a go.  That said, I may make another one at some point because it is super cool and quite useful.  I gifted it to a new teacher at our school who needed a better way to haul stuff around.  She seems quite pleased.

Wedding Gift

It might seem like a small thing, but the young couple is moving to California, where there are no plastic bags.  A set of shopping bags is a practical gift that will help them get started.
DSC01453And remind the bride of time spent playing with chickens in our back yard.  We wish them the best.

Bagging It

I am officially on a bag kick, I think.

Using my totally FREE fabric scrap, I have completed these two bags (with a little help from fabric on hand).

What do you think?

I used the Pick-a-Pocket Purse tutorial for the smaller one and the Mill House Inn Tote Bag tutorial for the larger one. I wish the stripes on the smaller bag ran the other direction, but I misunderstood the pattern at first and…well…learned as I went.

I have several more bags scheduled. Watch here for updates.