Summer 1964–Now THAT’S A UFO

In one of the recent house cleanouts, I found a lovely bundle of fabric–Linen and butterflies.  How could I leave it?  It was so very pretty I set it aside, hoping there would be enough there to make something.

This last week I got the bundle out and unrolled it.  It had been cut, but the pattern pieces (not the pattern package) were still there.

A brief internet search showed me that Simplicity 5409 was this dress. Publication date 1964.

It was in a size I was certain would fit Daughter.  So, nothing to do but sew it up.


Ta-dah!  A lovely summer shift.


Only 51 years in the making.


We had to add some darts to better fit Daughter’s shape, but overall I think the effect is lovely.


UFO no more!

Log Cabin Quilting

My success with handquilting the Christmas Star led me to start on this small project.

It is, again, just a little thing, about 40-inches square.  It is made mostly from OLD vintage fabrics, authentic 1930’s. 

I feel a little guilty when I look at it now, because I started it in 2005, relatively early in my quilting days.  A neighbor was moving and had some fabric scrap she was going to throw away.  I said I would take them.  It was all very small pieces cut straight on one side and jagged on the other.  After looking at it for the longest time I realized it was leftovers from a grandmas flower garden quilt. 

Anyway, I sorted it by color and cut it into narrow strips, and, adding whatever felt right, made this little top.  It has remained unfinished for five years.

I know now that I should not have mixed new fabric with the old and that I probably should have found a quilt restorer and given them the fabric since is is authentic and probably has value.

But, I didn’t, I chopped it up and made this.

I plan to hang it in my sewing space when I finish. Yes, I will enjoy it, but it will also remind me how often we are “too soon old and too late smart.”