1. hi, I just showed this block at guild and I imagine spawned a whole new series of Maine irish star quilts

  2. [New post] 2021 End of Year Quilting Hopes And Dreams Report
    Fri 12/31/2021 8:18 PM
    I love your quilts…hoping you can help with a name of the 11th quilt pictured..It is a scrappy stars with some joining blocks. (right after the red white and blue coins quilts) I think you have it labeled as a “throw”. Do you have a tutorial? Thank you so muc

    1. I am sorry…I thought I had responded to your inquiry earlier.  I believe the quilt you are talking about is the North Star State pattern.  You can find a link here: North Star State PDF – Pat Speth Quilts  I reduced the size of the blocks by 50% for my version.  You can learn more about that here: North Star State COMPLETE – Wedding Dress Blue (wordpress.com) Let me know what more I can do to help. Deanna

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